Kenmore 1344 White Built-in Dishwasher

Standard Interior Size Capacity Energy Star Sani Rinse

Standard Interior Size Capacity Energy Star Sani Rinse

The 1344 dishwasher by Kenmore is qualified for Energy Star, which means it utilizes 20 percent less energy than dishwashers that do not have the Energy Star rating. It is equipped with nylon racks that do not scratch and rust, which prolong the life of both your dining ware and your dishwasher. The Sani Rinse option uses a high-temperature rinse certified by the NSF to get rid of 99.999% of certain bacteria, guaranteeing perfectly-clean items. For lightly-soiled items, you may choose to run the quick rinse cycle, saving time, energy and water. The standard tub may not hold as much as giant tub models also by Kenmore, but it does accommodate large pans and long items.

Interior Features
  • The dual-cup detergent dispenser takes the guesswork out of measuring the right amounts of detergent for each cycle. Equipped with a No Heat Air Dry option, there is no need to worry about a drying option that would be too harsh for delicate china or dining ware.
  • A pots and pans special cycle is included in the washer to effectively wash stubborn stick-on dirt in these kitchen implements. Included in wash rinse options are a 2, 4, and 6 hour delay wash, a cancel and drain feature, a hi-temperature wash, an NSF-certified rinse and the Sani-Rinse sanitary rinse option.
  • The upper rack is one vacant space for all the large items, while the lower rack features fold-down tines, a silverware basket and one with covers. With all these features, washing the dishes becomes an easier task.

    Exterior Features

  • The washer looks very clean and sleek with its entire façade in white: the door panel, console, handle and control panel are all done in white. The fully visible console door style allows you to see what’s going on in the machine without having to open it.
  • The patented True Hold door makes user utilize just the right amount of effort to open and close the washer’s door. No need to slam or exert too much energy just to operate the door.

    Dimension Specifications

    Height: 34 1/2 inches
    Width: 23 7/8 inches
    Depth: 25-1/2 inches


  • There are five standard wash cycles for this dishwasher, including Normal, Heavy, Light Wash and Quick Rinse.
  • The start button of the machine is equipped with a memory for a disrupted process, for whatever reason, to be continued without going back from the beginning.
  • The presence of a rinse aid dispenser and indicator give the user convenience in distributing these washing implements.
  • The QuietGuard quiet package beings the noise of the machine when operating down to 60dBA, so you’ll experience quiet operations.


  • The standard-sized capacity of the dishwasher may not be enough for users who want something with a bigger capacity.
  • the machine is not compliant with the ADA standards, making it not so ergonomically friendly for physically-disabled users.


  • Start button memory
  • Rinse aid dispenser and indicator
  • Quiet operating dishwasher
  • Five standard wash cycles
  • Pots and pans special cycle
  • Patented true hold door


  • Only standard interior capacity
  • Not ADA compliant
  • No cycle countdown

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