Kenmore 1389 White Built-in Dishwasher

Tall Interior Size Capacity Energy Star Smartwash Cycle

Tall Interior Size Capacity Energy Star Smartwash Cycle

The 1389 is another model of dishwashers manufactured by Kenmore. These dishwashers display both elegance and functionality in its features. From its exterior, you will not see controls, as they are concealed to add an integrated and seamless look to whichever area you will be putting this dishwasher. The cycles in this model make it one very hardworking machine. It has a Fast Wash cycle that cleans dishes as quickly as possible, for you to enjoy items ASAP when you most need them. There’s also a Delay Start cycle that assists you in managing your time by letting you pre-set your cycle in advance.

Interior Features
  • The racks are made of nylon, a delicate material that protects your dining and kitchen items from rusting and scratching, making them last longer while also assuring the long life of your dishwasher. Both upper and lower racks are equipped with tines that can be folded down which hold down items firmly in place to reduce any damage and maximize the available space in the racks.
  • The interior tub has a tall tub design that can accommodate huge items like tall trays, large pans, ladles and more. Moreover, the tub for this model is actually colored, giving you quite a surprise when you open the washer.

    Exterior Features

  • The fully integrated door can be angled perfectly and will stay in place so that if it’s open, you wouldn’t need to hold it in one hand while loading items using your other hand. Loading and unloading of items becomes all th more convenient.
  • The control panel is hidden, giving the dishwasher as well as the whole kitchen a more streamlined appearance. The overall look is stylish and will fit any modern kitchen.

    Dimension Specifications

    Height: 34 1/2 inches
    Weight: 23 7/8 inches
    Depth: 25 1/2 inches


  • Equipped with the SmartWash cycle, you can use this feature for the machine to automatically determine the right amount of water, energy and time needed to clean loaded items perfectly using the most efficient amount of resources.
  • The machine only costs $34 at most every year to operate. The low energy consumption makes this model qualified for an Energy Star rating. This makes this model use up to 20 percent less energy to dishwashers that do not have an Energy Star rating.
  • The machine only produces 57 dBA of sound while being operated. This is because of the QuietGuard Deluxe sound insulation feature that ensures you that the machine works hard while not making a ruckus!


  • The upper rack’s orientation or height cannot be adjusted and irremovable.
  • There are no special holders or compartments for items like cutlery, silverware and stemware in the upper rack. There is only one silverware compartment in the bottom rack.
  • Unlike other models that have three options for Delay Wash, this model only has a 4-hour option.


  • 6 automatic cycles including Light Wash, Quick Rinse and Normal
  • Energy efficient machine
  • Quiet operations
  • UltraWash filtration cleaning
  • Food disposal mechanism


  • Non-adjustable and irremovable upper rack
  • Absent holders for special items like silverware, cutlery and stemware
  • Delay Wash can only be activated for 4 hours

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    Jul 13, 2011
    what model is this now?
    by: Anonymous

    Can't find this model number on I know they like to change model numbers.

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