Kenmore 1391 Built In White Dishwasher

14 place settings Energy Star SmartWash

14 place settings Energy Star SmartWash

Kenmore’s innovative built in 1391 dishwasher offers a variety of efficient and advanced features. Thanks to an energy-saving 306 killowatts used per year, this model has received the honor of being ENERGY STAR compliant. Comprehensive cleaning is ensured thanks to its variety of lower and upper rack features and various wash rinse options.

Interior Features
  • Kenmore’s 1391 model offers a range of cleaning features that utilize different technologies. The sensor washing feature uses the trademarked SmartSensor. The cleaning function also applies the advanced technology of TurboClean, along with automatic temperature control that sets the cycle to the right heat. Another advanced technologies include SmartWash for the wash system.
  • Taking care of the dishwasher’s various parts, such as the filter, won’t be a problem thanks to the filter’s self-cleaning capability. There is also a water filtration system and a SmartWash technology is applied to the wash system.
  • The dishwasher features both an upper and lower rack, each with special functions. The upper rack is adjustable and includes fold down tines. Both racks are removable. The lower rack includes a basket for silverware and another silverware basket that is splittable.
  • The dishwasher’s wash rinse options allow for flexible and efficient cleaning of different kinds of dishes. One option is the high temperature rinse and hi-temp wash. There is also the sanitary rinse and the cancel & drain wash. There is also the delay wash, which lets you withhold dishwashing from three, six, or nine hours.

    Exterior Features

  • Visualizing the dishwasher’s look with the rest of the kitchen won’t be any problem thanks to its built in design. The model comes in white, a color that easily matches with any kind of kitchen.
  • The tub is made of durable and reliable polypropylene with stainless steel. There won’t be any problems in outward maintenance thanks to this feature.
  • Controls are hidden in the door, allowing for easy opening and closing, while still making the controls at easy reach. Overall, the control panel is easy to use and understand.

    Dimension Specifications

    item weight: 70 lbs.
    width: 24 inches


  • This Kenmore model is qualified by ENERGY STAR, assuring customers minimal electric consumption. Kilowatt hours spent a year are only 320, and the estimated annual operating cost is between 26 to 34.
  • Wash rinse options are diverse, letting you clean any kind of dish material. There’s also more flexibility in terms of water and temperature use.
  • Upper and lower rack can house a wide range of dishes and the size reaches up to 24 inches, allowing you to wash dishes from an entire party.


  • Upper rack is not adjustable, which could be a limitation in case of storage problems.
  • No pre-soak step involved in the wash. Users have to rinse out dirt by themselves before placing in the dishwasher.
  • Only two racks available, thus not an option for restaurants that need large-capacity washing.


  • Energy Star Rating
  • A number of wash rinse options
  • Two racks
  • Stainless steel interior


  • Price between $700 to $900
  • Only available in two colors

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