Kenmore 1772 Portable Black Built-in Dishwasher

Energy Star Energy Guide Rated High Temp Wash

Energy Star Energy Guide Rated High Temp Wash

The 1772 model of Kenmore portable dishwashers are the best option for functionality and style. If you want a hardworking dishwasher that would also fit perfectly in a small space, this model would be the most ideal for you. But don’t take this model for granted: its features and functions are at par with the bigger Kenmore dishwasher models. This model can also be depended on to provide great cleaning performance. It has a Hi-Temp Wash option and Pots and Pans cycle specifically to make it easy for highly soiled dining and kitchen ware to be cleaned thoroughly. Baked-on and stubbornly stuck foods are removed.

Interior Features
  • The 1772 is qualified for an Energy Star rating, using only 310 kilowatts of energy for a whole year of use. Thus, this Kenmore appliance uses up to 20 percent less energy than dishwashers that are not Energy Star rated.
  • The Heated Dry option of the washer uses heated air for fast drying of items being washed. Watermarks and spots are not a problem with this feature. The High-Temperature Wash option in this machine increases the heat, water and time to the wash cycle so that hard-to-clean items would really be spic and span.
  • The Tall Tub design gives you a lot of space to clean tall platters, large pots, wide trays, long ladles and other awkwardly-shaped items. Both the upper and lower racks are made of nylon which do not only protect your dishes and other dining ware from scratching, but will also prolong the life of your dishwasher.
  • The Pots & Pans cycle is heaven-sent for serious cooks who usually leave pans heavily soiled and greased, as this cycle powerfully washes hard-to-clean casseroles and other cooking vessels.

    Exterior Features

  • The butcher-block laminate top of the washer provides added counter space and looks very stylish. The compact dimensions of this model make it a great solution for users who want to install their washers in small kitchens or tight spaces.
  • The True Hold door mechanism holds the dishwasher door in place without having to use one hand to secure the door and the other to load. It’s that easy for you to load and unload items.

    Dimension Specifications

    Height: 36 1/8 inches
    Width: 24 inches
    Depth: 26 3/8 inches


  • The Hi-Temp Wash cycle ensure of a thorough wash for items with stubborn dirt.
  • The Pots & Pans cycle ensure that large items like casseroles and pans get the right manner of cleaning.
  • The Energy Star rating gives the user assurance that the machine works in utmost efficiency.


  • The racks do not have any additional features. There are no tines or compartments for special items. There are only two silverware baskets in the lower racks. Apart from that, there is nothing else.
  • This model does not have Delay Wash feature.
  • There are only 4 wash cycles for this model.


  • Hi-temp wash
  • Pots and Pans cycle
  • Energy Star qualified
  • Energy Guide rated


  • No Sensor Washing feature
  • No Automatic Temperature Control feature
  • Wash tower available
  • Limited features of racks
  • Very limited rinsing options
  • Only 4 wash cycles

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