Kenmore 24 inch dishwasher

by Denise
(Carrollton, GA)

We bought this dishwasher from Sears about 2 years ago after our old one died. The reason we chose this one is because it claimed to be more efficient with electricity and water usage.

I have to admit I have been very pleased with this dishwasher. The washer has a SMart wash cycle on it so that it only uses the exact amount of water that it needs and no more.

It has sensors inside it to let the dishwasher no how full or empty it is.

It has large racks for your pots and pans, can hold plenty of dishes and does an excellent job washing.

Another good feature on this washer is if you open the door while it is washing, when you close it again it keeps the dishwasher paused and you have to hit the pause/start button to restart it.

I like it.

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Dec 02, 2010
I am pleased with the unit
by: Anonymous

This model was presaented to me as the Cadallic of the dishwasher world. Although I was very skeptical I was to keep an open mind and if I were not 100% satisfied with this purchase I could return it with no questions asked and would recieve a full refund. After 1 week of use I was very impress with the unit I had purchase. this model has a built in food disposal thagt allows you to just put dishes from the table with uneaten large food scraps and pots and pans that havent been scraped of debris straight in and turn on. I must say that it cleans a nd sanatizes above and beyond my expectations. Also the "Quietguard" feature has made it possible to hear my television programs after dinner. Very nice!

The one thing I do regret buying is the black model, it seems to be the hand and fingerprint attracter/colllector. It does seem to put off an excessive amount of heat , which I am reading is necessary for optium sanitation, but I do live in north Texas get enough heat as it is and feel that the manufacture should work on a more efficent insulation system so it is not working against my home A/C system. Over all I am pleased with the unit and would recommend it to anyone who were in the market for a dishwasher.

Oct 20, 2010
Kenmore Elite Model 13193
by: Judi

Does anyone have this model and are willing to share their experience with it. I have done more research on dishwashers than any other appliance I have purchased. My 2003 Bosch just blew the motherboard and it is $350.00 to repair. I think it is probably better to install new. Your feedback w/b greatly appreciated.
Thank you.

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