Kenmore Dishwasher 665 13922KO10

by Ruth Schenck
(Altamont, Kansas 67330)

In the first year we could not keep the top rack in place. Finally it wouldn't let the dishwasher run. We had the repairman come, fortunately it was under warranty and he got the rack back on its tracks which we had done before and decided there was nothing wrong. The problem was keeping it on the tracks and we should be able to do that.

Well, now it will not stay on the trackthe rollers just snap out of the track. I am sure the rollers are to small for the track and any pressure and they are out. How frustrating when you have the rack loaded and it wont stay put and the the door will not shut tight for it to run.... Of course the warranty is out and the problem continues.

Does anyone else have trouble with these racks? I am so dissappointed with the shoddiness of the racks rollers and tracks but don't want to replace a dishwasher less than 2 years old. We thought we were buying quality.

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