Kenmore Dishwasher Review Elite 12783

Our Kenmore dishwasher review (Elite 12783) summarises the key features and customer feedback for this model, which recently topped the Consumer Reports dishwasher ratings.

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However, according to the April 2013 announcement by CR, the Kenmore Elite 12783 won against the next best dishwasher, the Bosch SHX3AR7[5]UC, because of its quieter operation and lower water use.  It also rated very highly for washing performance.

In April 2014, in another article by ConsumerReports about dishwasher cycle times, a comment was made that this Kenmore dishwasher is one of several models tested that features a convenient quicker cycle that can wash a lightly soiled load in half an hour.

Kenmore Elite 12783 – Key Features

  • Stainless steel tub
  • Adjustable racks and tines
  • Sensors which adjust water usage and wash cycle time
  • Delay start option
  • Quick cycle option

Kenmore Elite 12783 - Pros and Cons

  • Ample capacity for flatware
  • Quiet with excellent energy efficiency
  •  Long cycle time (135 minutes per cycle)
  • More expensive than the Bosch model ranked second by Consumer Reports

Price Category - $800-1000

Detailed Kenmore Dishwasher Review: Elite 12783

kenmore dishwasher review elite 12783

The team aims to save you time by summarizing published user feedback for the Kenmore Elite 12783 dishwasher.  We also highlight information about performance and features we think it useful for you to know if you are considering purchasing this dishwasher.

Customer Opinions – Advantages and Disadvantages:

We struggled to find user reviews of this model on the internet so we suggest you don’t waste a lot of time trying to find some.  The official Kenmore website lists this model as a ‘new item’, and has no customer reviews as yet.  So we’ll probably all have to wait a while before customer reviews become readily available. 

We did find two relevant customer reviews … the Elite 12783 has received positive feedback for being easy to load, and easy to operate with simple controls.  It also got the thumbs up for its quiet operation (43dba), and for having both heat dry and fan dry options, and a large interior. 

On the negative side, the user provided feedback that they don’t like the long cycle time, which is over 2 hours for the standard cycle.  One user commented that the strainer at the water discharge requires regular cleaning and that mould builds up on the seals around the door.

Features of Elite 12783 Dishwasher As Promoted by Kenmore:

  • Hidden controls (on top edge of door)
  • Racks designed to glide easily even when full
  • Very quiet at 43 decibels
  • Innovative cleaning features - wash technology with a spiral spray pattern that reaches into the corners and a ‘new generation system’ of rotating spray jets

What does this mean for you? 

The spray jets and wash technology will mean you shouldn’t need to pre-wash your dishes.  And the styling of hidden controls makes this dishwasher particularly suitable to kitchens with integrated appliances or cabinets with sleek modern lines.  It’s also very water efficient and Energy Star rated, so it shouldn’t add a lot to your energy and water expenses.

Features the Kenmore Elite 12783 Dishwasher Doesn’t Have:

-          No door lock

-          No self-cleaning filter or food disposal

-          No display of remaining wash time

-          No Heavy Duty or Light Wash Cycles

Further Reading related to this Kenmore Dishwasher Review:

The official Kenmore product page:  includes Elite 12783 product specifications and a 40 second promotional video of the spray arm system in action

Don’t waste your time

  • Don’t bother looking for this dishwasher on Amazon or other online shopping sites, as the Kenmore brand is sold exclusively through Sears department stores and retail outlets. 
  • Looking for customer reviews online. At the time of writing this review, there weren’t any reviews of this relatively new dishwasher on major consumer feedback sites like Epinions or Buzzilion.


Date of Review by Team – April 2013.

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