Kenmore Elite (1334) 24" Double Drawer Dishwasher

Black with Sliding & Variable Position Tines

Black with Sliding & Variable Position Tines

A single drawer dishwasher may not be enough to accommodate all your soiled dishes. There is actually a double drawer dishwasher that can accommodate more and let you save time. One of the dishwasher models you might want to consider in this category is the Kenmore Elite Black 24" Double Drawer Dishwasher with Sliding and Variable Position Tines (1334). Here are the key features and some consumer feedback for this dishwasher model by Kenmore.

Key features

- Ultra Wash cleaning system - This system ensures the thorough cleaning of dishes loaded in the unit. This system works through its three-stage filtration system and also through its rotating action spray bar. These features are designed to facilitate the continuous rinsing of the dishes and also the thorough removal of dirt.
- adjustable sliding rack tines - The unit's sliding rack tines can be adjusted to hold 12-in. plates, bowls, and other large items.
- Smart Sense technology - This technology is used for the automatic adjustment of the washing times based on the amount of load in the dishwasher.
- double drawer design - This unit contains two drawers that accommodate large amount of loads. The two drawers work independently, so you can run more cycles at the same time.
- sound-insulated unit - This unit also has sound insulation, which ensures the quiet cleaning of the dishes.
- elegant design - The unit comes in sleek black design, which adds sophistication to your kitchen.
- lighting system - The unit has a lighting system that facilitates the easy monitoring of the cycles.


This Kenmore double drawer dishwasher can be an excellent addition to your kitchen with its sleek and elegant design. The unit comes in jet black color. This unit also has two drawers that can work independently to minimize the time you spend on washing the dishes. With this dishwasher, you can be sure that the plates and other items are squeaky clean because the unit is NSF-certified. The dishwasher has a cleaning system that removes 99.99% of certain bacteria on the dishes. With its QuietGuard feature, the unit does not create noise during the cycles. This dishwasher also indicates the status of the cycle through a lighting system.


One of the drawbacks to this product is its limited availability. This unit can't be easily found at your local stores. Aside from this, one big disadvantage of buying this product is that the shipment and packaging is not really good. There are some consumers who complained that the product has some defects upon using it.

Consumer likes and dislikes


- the unit minimizes the noise that the machine creates
- has two drawers to accommodate more loads
- has a simple but very elegant design
- sets the washing times automatically
- has adjustable sliding rack tines for more loads
- has the Ultra Wash cleaning system for thorough removal of dirt and bacteria on plates


- not widely available
- some products need to be repaired after delivery

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