Kenmore elite 665

by Carla

We purchased this dishwasher in 2012 after our 20 year old Maytag started to leak. This dishwasher has never performed well, the dishes almost always had some sort of left over food on them, glasses usually came out wet with spots on them even though I used a rinse aid. The cutlery racks started to crack and plastic pieces fell off. This past month whenever I opened the door after the cycle ended the dirty water was still in the dishwasher! We had it checked out and found nothing clogging the lines or the bottom of the dishwasher. It seemed to work again for a few weeks but just this past week it started to not drain again. We just took it out and am purchasing a Bosch tomorrow. I wouldn't recommend this product as the dishes didn't come out clean, the cycle lasted very long, the cutlery racks cracked apart and it didn't drain the dirty water. Overall a poor product.

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