Kenmore Elite Ultra Wash Model 665.13929, 13924

by Gary L Vogt
(Auburn, CA)

Vent next to burned out control board

Vent next to burned out control board

As far as cleaning dishes goes, and for being a quiet dishwasher, this is pretty good. But, that's about as far as it goes.

First of all, the control panel, they call it a crown assembly, PN W10335626, sits right above the outlet vent. Which, in and of itself is OK, but the dumb ass that designed it (or should I say, approved the design) designed the vent for the washer to vent into the cavity right below the control panel WITH NO DEFINITIVE WAY TO EXIT THE STEAM WITHOUT ALLOWING THE STEAM INTO THE CONTROL PANEL.

I've replaced mine twice in 14 months. The first one was under the 1 year warranty. I thought it was just a coincidence. NOT.

Buy the extended warranty for the time you think you will own the dishwasher. It's really poorly designed.

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