Kenmore Elite White 24" Single Drawer Dishwasher with Spin Action (1332)

The Kenmore Elite White 24" Single Drawer Dishwasher with Spin Action (1332) has several features that make dishwashing an easy chore. Energy-efficient and quiet, this dishwasher model makes a good choice for many households. Read on to see if this is the washer you've been looking for.

Key features

- Smart Sense technology - The dishwasher is powered by the Smart Sense technology, which is actually designed for consumers to save more time for this task. The sensor determines automatically the amount of food soil and then adjusts the wash time based on this.
- Energy Star qualification - This Kenmore Elite dishwasher is Energy Star-qualified, which means that using this unit can help you save on water and electricity consumption.
- QuietGuard Deluxe Technology - This feature ensures that the noise produced by the appliance is kept at a minimum level. This system ensures that your activities and conversations won't be interrupted by the clinking sound of dishes or vibrations of the dishwasher.
- state-of-the art cleaning technology - The dishwasher comes with the Ultra Wash system that uses action spray bars and three-stage filtration for continuous rinsing and also for the thorough removal of left over food on the dishes.
- Sani Rinse option - This feature ensures that almost all the bacteria on the plates, bowls, and other items are removed effectively.
- LED status light - This feature reveals the status of your dishes, from washing, drying, and complete cycle.
- sleek design - The dishwasher's design is elegant, which makes it visually appealing.


One of the best things about this dishwasher is that it can actually help you save more space in the kitchen. If your kitchen isn't big, this dishwasher is a great choice. Installing it won't require a large space in your kitchen. Because the appliance is NSF-certified, you can be sure that the dishes are thoroughly cleaned to prevent diseases caused by bacteria to spread in your household. Unlike other dishwashers, this one is ideal for households with babies. This is because the appliance has a wash system that ensures that the noise is kept to a minimum level. You don't actually have to watch over the dishwashing process if you use the machine. Its Smart Sense feature automatically adjusts the wash time depending on the amount of food soil it detects.


The machine is far from perfect. Some consumers complain about the things that the appliance lacks. One of these is the drawer space. According to them, the drawer is very limited and there's not enough room for all the items. There are also some consumers who complain about the dishwasher's durability. They say that after several days of using the unit, they need to call the seller for some repairs.

Consumer likes and dislikes


- has an automatic sensor that adjusts the washing time
- removes almost all the bacteria on plates and other items
- has LED lights for easy monitoring of the cycle
- space-saver in your kitchen
- helps you save on energy


- space in the drawer is limited
- not very sturdy

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