Kenmore Precision Quiet Guard Dishwasher

by Natidred
(Tampa or NY)

We are permanent residents in NYC who bought all new Sears appliances including Kenmore dishwasher for our Tampa vacation home. Our visits are infrequent, therefore our new appliances are rarely used.

The Kenmore dishwasher soap dispenser does not release the packet of soap, now it fills up with water, and humms for the wash cycle but does not wash, then it drains and dries. Needless to say our warranty is out and we are left defenseless against Sears to purchase a new dishwasher with a meager 10% discount or pay to have a tech come out to fix it.

I feel like we've been robbed. Sears must give customers more guarantee on their products. I called customer service and was on hold for 25mins before I got disconnected by a Davis, then called back and spoke to a Kre who said that the other customer service rep should have given me a courtesy call and don't know why he didn't.

I tried following up with corporate office and spent 5 mins or so telling the rep about my problem, only to find out that he told me that "you won a gift card worth $500 plus $100 because I was randomly selected by his computer". I asked him to help me with my dishwasher problem, but he kept pushing his promo and then told me to that he can send the gift cards via UPS if I pay the shipping and handling.

I brought him back to the problem and he had me on hold for 38mins I called back and another rep gave me 800-555-1212 as Sears customer service. I called back again and gave a different number and name (my girlfriend's) and guess what her name was also chosen for the gift promo. What sort of shady corporation has Sears succumb to?

Very distraught customer since 1988

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