Kenmore Ultra Wash 665.1622

by Denis K.
(Austin, TX)

I've owned this dishwasher for about five years. It has not been a lemmon, but it certainly has not lived up to the Kenmore legacy. Most problematic has been the detergent dispenser or the disolving of detergent packs (e.g. the gel packs with a combination of liquid and powdered detergent or the solid white and blue blocks with the red ball in the center).

On rare occassions, the dispenser door does not open and the detergent remains in the dispenser, undisolved. Most often, when there is a problem, the door does open but the detergent pack falls to the bottom of the tud and when the cycle is complete, it is still there, only slightly disolved. Even with liquid detergent, there is sometime a glob of it remaining at the bottom of the tum at the end of a cycle. The spray wands seem to do a good job of spraying the dishes, but once the detergent falls to the bottom, there is no downward/sideways spray to help disolve the detergent and mix it with the wash water.

This happens much too frequently and is not a recent problem. Not at all what I expect from the Kenmore/Whirlpool line of products.

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