kenmore undercounter dishwasher

by lori cummings

bought this new, worked for a few weeks then I noticed it wasnt draining well, spraying dirty leftover water on clean dishes in the rinse cycle,tried to look for debris in drain,there wasnt any.

Dishes started to have a saopy,dirty water smell, finally contacted the store, 6 weeks after I had it installed by a qualified installer,they took a week to come look at it. I tried to get most of the water sitting on the base of the machine out with towels and such, but there was still water in the unit which made it stink in the hot weather,the repair man said my front electrical panel was shot, no power going to the unit at all..he ordered parts and told me someone would call in regards to appoitment, after 6 days,I called him back and he told me to call a 1-800 number,which I did, a lady had scheduled an appt. for the next day

I said I had to work so rescheduled for the following tuesday between 8am and 5pm..I waited till 4.30 and called the lady I bought the machine from, she told me they wouldnt be coming if they hadnt come by now, she then said no one had called me to book an appt. they will investigate that call, cause now they made me feel I was lying about an appt, they promised to look into it and call me back, a few days later they called to say some parts were still on order and they would call when they come in. Three weeks later,I called them first thing in am and was told someone would call me back,a few hours later a lady from my home store called to say they cant get the part, dont know why, I said and who was going to call me to inform me of this, I would still be waiting if I hadnt called in...I wanted to return the unit but they wouldnt let me cause I didnt put it on my sears card!!

When hubby came come,we took it out and brought it to them,, smell and all!!! BAD,BAD,BAD,comunications between right and left hand...all service is back east or philippines. I called the 1 800 number again and spoke to a man who said they CAN get the part and he would call me in a few days,,what a rat race...its all about the sale, no customer service when thing go sideways...wont buy from sears again...

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