Kenmore w/ Smart Wash Cycle

by Dawn
(Washington, DC)

I bought and had installed, from Sears, the Kenmore dishwasher in Feb of 2008. So far, I have not had any problems with it.

The installers were very polite and the installation went fine. I still am trying to figure out how to maximize loading pots, pans, and bowls inside the dishwasher because the set-up inside has much different widths than I am use to and they seem odd.

On the front of the dishwasher it states that it has "Quiet Guard Standard," I am not sure what this means but the dishwasher is far from quiet.

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Dec 26, 2008
Special cycle takes too long
by: Anonymous

I purchased this dishwasher when the original one put in the house stopped working. This is a great dishwasher. One of my favorite features is the programmable hour of operation.

I can set it to wash within 2, 4, or 8 hours after loading. This is great because i can run the dishwasher at night when its cheaper on electricity. It also has keypad lock for kids, thank goodness, that is a huge help in my house.

The dishwasher gets the dishes spotless as well, with the use of cascade liquid detergent. It recommends using the liquid detergent versus the powder.

I haven't had any problems with stuck on food or spots. It is also very quiet. It comes with different programmable options for washing the dishes and rinsing the dishes, such as pots/pans, sani rinse, air dry, or smart wash.

The sani rinse feature is pretty cool because it actually sanitizes the dishes with extremely high heat, so if you have someone sick in the family you can simply use this setting to get rid of the germs off the dishes. If you are not sure how big the load is of your dishes, you can put the dishwasher on smartwash and it will sense the size of the load and wash accordingly.

I love that feature. The only negative thing i would have to say about the dishwasher is that it seems to take a little while to wash the dishes if you happen to put it on a special cycle.

Overall, I would rate this an excellent appliance in my house. I would recommend this dishwasher to my friends and family, I really do like it.

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