Kenmore-24 Built-In Dishwasher. Model 363

by Byron

We bought the the dishwasher from Sears for a pretty reasonable price (around $250)about 3 years ago. It was made by GE and we hasn't broken down on us once. It has a large enough space to load approximately two days worth of dishes for a family of two and it holds everything nicely (no rattling) during washing.

As far as quietness goes it does make a moderate amount of noise so if you're looking for a "whisper quiet" model, you'll have to look elsewhere. It takes about twenty minutes of washing and rinsing and drying completely will take another forty minutes. Even after the timer has expired for drying it's best to leave it closed for another half an hour to really get everything dry.

There have been times where food on plates that are loaded onto the bottom are sprayed clean only to have its food remnants sprayed onto the dishes above. That can become a problem because then it's encrusted onto them during the drying cycle. The heat option in drying is definitely recommended to really get everything dried before removing. This problem can be eliminated by just rinsing off plates before loading.

For choosing what type of dishwasher soap to use, liquid works best. It's recommended to use dry but it can become dried to the cups and plates during the drying cycle if it isn't properly dissolved during wash.

Over all it's not a top of the line machine but it has served its purpose for us and saved us the hassle of cleaning plates after every meal. We would recommend it to folks living in an apartment or newly wed couples on a limited income.

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