Kitchen Aid 301VWH3

by Lynda ryan
(Kenosha, Wi)

I have purchased a variety of appliances from Grand Appliance in Kenosha , Wi over the years. I have been pleased with the service and installation until I purchased a dishwasher 4.5 years ago. It was a Whirlpool that worked extremely well for 4 years.

We were told by the saleswoman to always use the Sanitizing system on the rinse. In January, after 4 years of use (by 2 people in the home) , the heating element burned out and the repairman asked why we would sanitize. So we had it replaced.

Within a month (2 weeks of which we were gone) the fuse went. By April, the entire motherboard went and we decided to replace the whole appliance. After comparing what was available, and being very disappointed, we bought a Kitchenaid. It said it was energy efficient, yet we got no rebate.

It was the only one I could find that my old heavy duty bottom rack would fit into and it had a stainless steel interior. It does NOT wash tea stains out of cups and tends to leave stains on backs of bowls/cups that were not there before washing. After the store repairman (on the phone with Kitchenaid tech) said it was working, we made our water hotter.

Still had tea stains and spots on the silverware, so there was always rewashing. A factory repairman was sent out, who replaced the pump. The same problems continue. We were told it would be replaced?last July.

It is now Oct. and I just pulled out 5 of 8 cups that had to be hand washed due to tea stains. They were over plates standing straight up and down. Also this is to have the power wash when baked on materials are facing back. It has never completely cleaned any baked on materials. I would never recommend this machine.

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