Kitchen Aid Dishwasher #KUD535FX554 TYPE#5TH

by Sherry
(Richmond, VA)

Please beware when purchasing this dishwasher. I paid approximately $1000.00 for this dishwasher the most I have ever paid as I wanted to get a top of the line dishwasher so it would wash good and last a long time.

Boy was I fooled. It has the stainless steel inside and outside but the rack adjustments and rollers are made out of plastic.

We had the dishwasher for 1 year and 4 months and the rollers just disintegrated, we assume because of the heat from the drying cycle. I pulled the top rack out one day and the entire thing fell down.

Very disheartening after paying that kind of money. I contacted Kitchen Aid by email and just knew they would stand behind the product. It took them several days to get back with me only to get a response that they are so sorry but because it had been over a year they could only offer the parts if I wanted to pay for them.

Really, Really........... I will never purchase another appliance in my house made by Kitchen Aid. Evidently they were once top quality but not anymore. I almost purchased a Bosch and wished I had gone that route.

Good luck to anyone who purchases any Kitchen Aid products. Poor quality and they do not stand behind the products.

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