Kitchen Aid KUDE70FVSS 27 inch Built in Dishwasher

Owned by Whirlpool Corporation, Kitchen Aid is known for its quality home appliances. When it comes to dishwashers, Kitchen Aid has a good set of models to suit varied household needs. One good example of this is the KUDE70FVSS.

It has a simple but still stylish design and is able to deliver a good cleaning performance for different types of cookware and dinnerware.

But given its hefty price tag, interest buyers need to weigh in their options and perhaps take a quick peek at its key features. Read on to learn more about this dishwashing unit by Kitchen Aid.

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Product overview

Kitchen Aid claims that this particular unit delivers best-in-class performance. This model has a size dimension of 33 7/8 inches (height), 23 7/8 inches (width), and 24 1/2 inches (depth) to handle heavy loads.

Speed Motor

This dishwasher has various features that ensure quality performance. Among these features are its variable speed motor, targeted wash zones, and pressurized wash arms. All these ensure that the performance of the appliance meets, if not exceeds, standard consumer expectations.

EQ Wash System

Another most important feature of this dishwasher is its EQ wash system. This system enables the dishwashing unit to clean dishes 25% better than other models from other brands. Kitchen Aid's KUDE70FVSS l has three (3) stage filtration that makes sure that the kitchenware items are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized.

Quiet Operation

This model is also known for its very quiet operation. In fact, it has 13 unique sound dampening materials and Whisper Quiet EQ Sound Insulation System to ensure a noiseless operation. Kitchen Aid claims that "this dishwasher wouldn't even disturb a quiet library."

Energy Star

This dishwasher is also Energy Star qualified. This means that it operates in a way that helps users save energy despite its fully loaded performance. In terms of durability, this model boasts of having a tall tub with stainless steel interior.

This type of tub resists wear and tear over time. Aside from this, the tub retains heat, which results in better drying results for most types of dishes. For its drying system, this model has a dedicated heating element with heat dry option. This feature works by heating the tub at the end of the cycle to dry off the dishes.

Wash Sensor

Aside from these useful features, this model also has an optimum wash sensor. The wash sensor adjusts the wash cycle to certain water conditions to maximise the dishwasher's cleaning performance and efficiency. The upper rack of the dishwasher is adjustable. It can actually be raised or lowered two inches.

Other features

Other features found in Kitchen Aid's KUDE70FVSS include culinary tool rack, five (5) cycles options, quick clean-up cycle, 4-hour delay, and culinary caddy utensil basket.

Aside from these, it has a SatinGlide Plus System, which allows smooth operation and provide stability even when the load is heavy.

It also has the flood protection technology, sure-hold small items mesh pouch, cushion-tip tines, extra-large silverware basket with three (3) covers, and fully integrated console, among others. These numerous features contribute to the efficient operation of this dishwasher.


Some users enjoy using this dishwasher because of its quiet operation. What others like best about this model is that it performs smoothly even if the load is heavy because of its stainless steel interior. For other users, the numerous features and control settings make this an ideal household appliance.

It also helps consumers save on their electricity bill because of its Energy Star seal, which certifies that it is energy efficient. Loading dishes into the washer is also made easy with the adjustable upper rack feature that provides flexibility to the washer as it cleans different types of dishes.

Some consumers claim that this unit cleans dishes better than dishwashers from other brands because of its features such as the optimum wash sensor, which adjusts the wash cycle of the water for a more efficient cleaning performance.


Perhaps the major turn off cited by consumers is the price of this Kitchen Aid unit. It costs more than a thousand dollars, and not all consumers are happy to shell out such amount of money that can be invested on other kitchen appliance. Other models offer the same cleaning power at less cost.

Final thought

Because of its various features, this dishwasher is considered by a good number of consumers as a reliable kitchen appliance. Some even say that it deserves a good spot in any modern kitchen. The only problem is its price, which can be seen as a good investment for tough performance and durability.

Consumer likes:

* variable speed motor
* targeted wash zones
* pressurized wash arms
* culinary tool rack
* Whisper Quiet EQ Sound Insulation System
* SatinGlide Plus System
* flood protection technology
* cushion-tip tines
* extra-large silverware basket with three covers

Consumer dislikes:

* a bit pricey
* other units and brands offer almost the same cleaning performance

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