Kitchen Aid KUDIO1ilbt3

by Samantha
(Des Moines, Iowa)

I spent a good deal of time shopping for the best dishwasher on the market. This washer was supposed to be a high-end model. It even came with a special DVD instruction video that informed the buyer on the various ways this washer would be able to clean different types of dishes.

This appliance never worked the way it was supposed to, it certainly never did the things advertised on the DVD video. No matter what settings you use, or how many different detergents you try, the dishes come out the same.

They are spotted and streaked, and often have soap residue left on them. Reside is most apparent on clear drinking glasses, and is highly unattractive. I have spent a lot of time rinsing my clean clear glasses with vinegar in order to try to restore them.

The dish washer also has two setting for drying dishes, one is regular and the other energy saving. If at any time I forget to use the energy saving setting the washers regular dry cycle heats up so hot it begins to melt the rubber gasket on the machine itself, and causes the entire kitchen to smell of burning plastic.

I would not recommend this dishwasher or this brand to anyone.

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