Kitchen Aid kuds02frss1

(chicago, il)

I purchased all Kitchen Aid appliances when we renovated our home. I agree with the reviews I am seeing here.

Our dishwasher has never worked well, and recently the door balance kit had to be replaced, both sides broke and snapped which caused the dishwasher door to fly open! Good thing no children or pets were around for that! The result was not only having to replace the door balance kit, we then had to replace the side hinges because those bent because of the door flying open! And now....after all that, the door still will not lock!! We have to put a chair under it to get it to work.

For $1000.00, we purchased a metal box!
When I called Kitchen Aid about these problems, they said the warranty was up on the model. My feeling is, if you sell a better product for a high price, you had better stand behind your products, not claim the warranty is up.
See ya kitchen aid! No more!

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