Kitchen Aid model# KUDT03FTBL

by Jeff
(Springfeild, IL)

I bought this washer at sears to replace a Kenmore dish washer. So far I have not been as pleased with the performance of the new Kitchen Aid, as I was with the Kenmore. There are upsides to the new washer that the Kenmore did not posses.

This washer has a total of 5 automatic cycles, a quick wash feature, a delay of up to 4 hours for the start of the wash cycle. This washer also has the option of a sanitary wash, and the kitchen aid exclusive "pro scrub". I will give the pro scrub wash and the sanitary rinse features very high marks, however to get a wash done this thouroughly it requires using alot of energy! Although the fact that it is an energy star certified appliance does make up for some of that difference.

I reacll that the average operating cost is around $30.00 for electricity. It seems like my Kenmore would do the job without using the tippy top wash cycle. I will say that this washer is very quiet, when compared to my Kenmore it has just about the same low decibel level. (191)

I would be totally remiss if I did not mention the adjustable and removable 3rd level rack. It is really a great feature to have if you loading the dishwasher with smaller items, so that you 227)have extra space, if you are loading with large items such as pots & pans you can remove this rack to provide extra height in the washer.

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