Kitchen Aid, W10056407A

by Tim James
(Estero, Fl, USA)

Prior to my purchase of this dishwasher, I read mixed reviews, and frankly felt like buying this washer was a bit of a crap shoot. I have to say, I have had this washer now for about 8 months and it is by far the best washer I have ever owned.

It is whisper quiet, on normal cycle cleans dishes excellent. I have never had to use the pot scrubber cycle. I have to wonder about the complaints I read prior to my purchase, most of the complaints were petty, and there were a few folks that had trouble with the door popping open during the wash cycle. Maybe they didn't close it firmly!

Anyway, I have recommended this dishwasher to several people. My last washer was a Bosch, and I have to say, this is a better unit.

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