KitchenAid - Architect II 24" Double Drawer Dishwasher - Stainless-Steel KUDD03STSS

I tried a lot of other dishwashers before settling on this one. This this is sweet you can barely hear it running and it leaves your dishes very clean. I also believe it has lowed my energy and water bills by about $15 each month.

This stain-less steel dishwasher has a very sleek design the buttons are hidden and there is nothing on the front but the Kitchen Aid logo. The first thing I noticed was that it had two compartments a top and a bottom. It also has six different cycles to get the most out of the dishwasher and leave the dishes super clean.

The removable racks make it very easy to get things in and out no matter the size. Small items are more secure because of the mesh bag holding them in place. It also has sensors that will adjust the temperature and cycle time according to soil level.

The Pro Dry feature makes sure the dishes are dry by circulating air when that cycle is done. It also has a sanitizing feature that kills 99.9% of germs to help make sure that your family stays healthy. All of my friends and family was very impressed the first time they saw it.

They first notice the very nice look and design then they are even more impressed when they see it in action. Quite a few of my friends who were looking for a dishwasher went out of got the Kitchen Aid Architect II after seeing mine.

- Super quiet
- Energy Star
- Warranty
- Fast
- Efficient
- Stainless-Steel
- Leaves dishes squeaky clean

- None so far The Kitchen Aid Architect II is the best dishwasher that I have owned

5 out of 5

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