KitchenAid KUD1021RWH4

by Linda
(Morristown, TN, USA)

I had an under counter KitchenAid dishwasher for twenty years before it broke. I researched for about a week before purchasing another KitchenAid. I asked friends and relatives how long they had had their dishwashers and found that 10-15 years was about the standard for most. So it appears that I squeaked out another five years from mine.

I hope this one lasts as long; I already have a good start, four years and not one problem as yet. It washes much better than the old one did as new. This one uses less water and electric than the old one. It runs very quietly, I can’t hear it unless I am standing right beside it. I really like the no heat dry on this one. The only complaint I have is that there are too many wash options on this one.

I live a very simple life and I don't use but 3 of the options and don't need the additional ones. It would be nice if you could purchase a basic model without all the additional features that most people will never use. I never use the rinse only feature for example and don't know why I would ever need it. I looked at several models before selecting the one with the least amount of wash options.

Overall this is a very good dishwasher and I would recommend KitchenAid to anyone searching for a good, long lasting dishwasher. I am impressed with the quality of the products and am looking forward to another 16 years of use with this product. If this one last as long as my first one, it may outlast me.

My next big purchase within the next 2 years will be a refrigerator and I am looking at KitchenAid for that also. I really like my KitchenAid and will seriously consider KitchenAid products.

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Jan 07, 2011
KitchenAid Dishwasher CAUGHT FIRE!
by: Anonymous

My "premium" KitchenAid dishwasher (mfgd by Whirlpool who also make the Maytag brand) has had nothing but problems for 6 years (broken door pulleys, door popping open mid-cycle, noisy, poor cleaning) and then to top it off it CAUGHT FIRE! Control panels in doors caught fire, melted and rendered the machine worthless after only 6 years of moderate use. I will never buy another product from this manufacturer.

Aug 04, 2010
Never buy again
by: Anonymous

In 2007 we purchased this model in 2009 it stopped working. of course at that time the warranty is already gone.

What a waste of money, it should of at least lasted ten years not 2!

May 04, 2010
Poor Quality KitchenAid
by: Anonymous

We bought our KitchenAid dishwasher 4 yrs ago during a kitchen remodel. In 18 mos we replaced the motor because the bearing was making noise. Replaced it again within a year, same problem. The electronic control panel often stops working, flashing two lights at once and not responding to the buttons. Luckily my husband is a electronic controls engineer and opens the panel and cleans the contacts to get the thing working again. 3 of the 4 control panel screws are broken off due to being removed so often...opening the door after the cycle for ventilation seems to help. He says they should be gold coated contacts (only a few $ more) and would never put these components in a damp environment. Poor engineering!

Sep 05, 2009
We beat it up and it keeps on running
by: Anonymous

- Quiet. You can stand beside it while it is running and carry on a phone conversation if you like.
- Dishes with caked-on on food still come out clean most of the time.

- Easier for a two-year-old to open than I would like.

- Sometimes the little detergent holder needs to be pushed down more than once before it catches and stays closed.

5 out of 5
We bought this dishwasher almost two years ago, and have been very pleased with it. I am a busy mom and don?t always have the time to load the dishwasher. When the kids load it, things get shoved in it every which way. When I load it, I tend to cram it full so I can get the whole job done in one load. When my husband loads it, he does it with great care to position the dishes for the best cleaning. Yet, whoever loads and runs this machine, the result is the same: sparkling clean dishes!

The Kitchenaid dishwasher has served us well; it?s quiet and reliable and does what it should in a reasonable amount of time. I like the four-hour delay setting, although my family never uses it. If we ever had a reason to wait four hours to run a load, it?s nice to know that it is there. It would be a handy feature for a family that takes a while to finish loading up their machine. This is a fairly large capacity dishwasher, but my family is big enough that we fill it quickly. Because of the size of our family, I?m so glad the days of washing dishes by hand are over.

I would have to give this machine a solid five. We beat it up and it keeps on running.

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