KitchenAid KUDE60FVSS

There are a good number of dishwashing units that are up for grabs at kitchen appliance stores. While every brand claims to have the perfect dishwasher, some models prove to be more suited for a particular dishwashing need.

Kitchen Aid's KUDE60FVSS is just one energy efficient dishwasher that promises to give consumers a dependable machine for cleaning dishes and drying them. Read on to know more about the keys features od this dishwashing unit by Kitchen Aid. This review will help interested buyers make up their mind and make a smart pick.

Product overview

Energy Seal

This dishwasher from Kitchen Aid takes pride in qualifying for an Energy Star seal. This means that it is energy efficient. So even if it uses a powerful wash system, it won't reflect much on the electricity bill.

NSF Certified

This model is also NSF (National Science Foundation) certified. An NSF certified home equipment is environment-friendly as well as proven safe and healthy to use by different households.


This model has various features designed to deliver quality performance to consumers. Its EQ Wash System, for instance, ensures better efficiency than other models.

Proscrub Feature

There is also the ProScrub feature, which maximizes the cleaning performance of the dishwasher. The ProScrub Option uses targeted jets to deal with hard-to-remove grease and stain. Aside from these, there is also the Optimum Wash Sensor. This feature works by adjusting the wash cycle to the conditions of the water for improved cleaning of kitchenware.

SatinGlide System

The SatinGlide System with the Ball-Bearing Rollers allows the versatility of the racks even when the unit is heavily loaded. Other features that add to the efficient performance of the KUDE60FVSS are its four (4) stainless steel wash arms, five (5) cycle options, one-hour wash cycle option, light/chine cycle setting, rinse only cycle option, heated dry option, and hi-temp wash option.

Long lasting

One of Kitchen Aid's best promises to consumers is that the KUDE60FVSS can last longer than other units from other brands. For one, the interior of this dishwasher is made from stainless steel. Aside from being durable, the stainless steel interior also serves as an effective drying tool.


This type of interior traps heat, which makes the drying of the cookware and dinnerware faster. Its four (4) wash arms are also made from stainless steel, which means that they're heavy duty. The tub is also made from commercial grade stainless steel to effectively carry the weight of the load and resist early wear and tear.

Special Features

Other special features of this model include its heat dry option. This feature ensures that the tub is heated at the end of the cycle to ensure that the dishes are clean without spills all the time. There is also the Whisper Quiet EQ Sound Insulation System. With this feature, Kitchen Aid claims that the sound of its appliance is "half as quiet as the average conversation."


This model obviously has a sleek design that could blend into any kitchen decoration. A good number of consumers say that the efficiency of the machine is its major advantage.

For them, its ProScrub option is one of the most brilliant features of this model. With this option, grease, food debris, and germs are removed through targeted spray jets. Another good thing about this model is its capacity to adjust the wash cycle to certain water conditions for better cleaning. TheSatinGlide System also allows stability even when the unit is fully loaded.

For many consumers, the drying option is also an amazing feature because of its dedicated drying system, which works by heating the tub to ensure the thorough drying of the kitchenware.

The durable quality of this dishwasher is one of its best assets, with its stainless steel interior and commercial grade steel tub to ensure resistance to advance wear and tear. The material used here can resist wear over time.

Aside from its NSF and Energy Star qualification, this machine also operates quietly despite its tough performance.


Although the KUDE60FVSS packs in a reliable set of dishwashing features, some consumers still find it a bit pricey, compared to other units from other brands. There are dishwashers that contain almost the same features at a lower price.

Final thought

It is for consumers to decide if this dishwashing unit is best suited for their household needs, budget, and personal preferences. This model offers a thorough cleaning performance and has a heavy duty frame to support the load. But for those who are opting for lower-priced dishwashers and models with more advanced features, there are other units to cater to their preferences.

Consumer likes:
* Energy Star qualified
* NSF certified
* powerful wash system
* has ProScrub feature
* has heat dry option
* stainless steel tub
* Whisper Quiet Sound Insulation

Consumers dislikes
* a bit pricey
* lack some more advanced features

Comments for KitchenAid KUDE60FVSS

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Nov 20, 2010
$600.00 at sears this week
by: Anonymous

You cant but wonder why sears is offering this dishwasher with $1000.00 off. I took the plunge and bought one to replace my 10 year old bosch 9915 that was on its last leg. I could not find anything bad written about it. I ordered it Thursday and it showed up Saturday. Installed with no issues and ran the first load with no issue. It is way quieter than the Bosch it is replacing. So far so good!!!!!

Apr 07, 2010
by: Anonymous

- Does an excellent job (spotless cleaning!)
- Very quiet!

- Cycles can be very long depending on the setting
- Some items do not fit easily into the dishwasher (very tall glasses)

This dishwasher is excellent! Firstly, it looks great; it is stainless steel and on the outside and on the inside, so it is very sharp. It has many options depending on what type of cleaning you want. For example, there is a Pro Scrub option that allows you to clean pots and pans easier.

This requires a longer wait time but the results are fantastic. There is also a delicate setting for Fine China. This is great for people who do not want to wash their Fine China by hand but are paranoid about putting it into the dishwasher. The nice thing about this dishwasher is that no matter what setting you use, the dishes come out very clean. I usually use the "Normal" setting and I have had no problems.

Another great feature is that the racks inside are removable. This is a huge help when I have too many bowls to load and not enough space. There are four removable racks and this includes the upper rack which is designed to hold slim utensils since it is the highest and smallest one. As mentioned above, some glasses are very tall and must be loaded onto the lower rack since they do not fit on the upper one.

The upper rack also has two lids that can be placed down to keep small glasses in place. I put these lids down if I am cleaning baby bottles or other small items that I don't want to move while the washer is running. Regular sized pots, pans, and dishes usually fit without any issues. Our dishes are square and we still have no issues loading them although round dishes are easier and fit better on the lower rack.

There have been times when there has been food particles on a glass or even a plat on occassion. This is rare though and we simply place the item back in for the next cycle. Again, this is rare and we usually get optimal results with this dishwasher. Overall, I am very happy with this dynamic and strong dishwasher, and I would have no problem recommending it to everyone!

Nov 16, 2009
It's is really really quiet.
by: Anonymous

- Very very quiet
- Excellent cleaning due to great rack layouts

- Does not have a food disposer (unlike some of the other models in the Kitchen Aid line)
- More of a wish: Does not have a half tub cycle which is being offered in other dishwashers (for ex by LG)

I bought a new home and bought this dishwasher. I was attracted to it's low noise level and the promise of the Kitchen Aid premium brand. Overall, I am very satisfied with this dishwasher.

It's is really really quite. The first time I turned it on, I had to put my ear to to the front panel to make sure it was running. I have my kitchen next to the family room and we can watch movies while this is running.

It has 3 racks. The top rack is for flatware which is very convenient. The racks are spacious and well laid out. There is a pot scrubber feature which I have used sparingly. It also has a quick cycle which is under and hour and is quite useful if guests are coming. Overall highly recommended.

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