KitchenAid KUDH03DTSS Architect Series II Stainless Steel Double Drawer Dishwasher, Whisper Quiet Insulation System, ProWash Bar

Designed in a double drawer configuration, the KUDH03DTSS from KitchenAid is a dishwasher that comes with a range of useful features. Experience efficient dishwashing without the unnecessary noise and vibration as the Whisper Quiet Sound Insulation System keeps noise levels to a minimum. The ProWash Bar System delivers enhanced spraying while the wash cycle is ongoing, so that dishes are cleaned thoroughly after each wash.

Interior Features
  • This double drawer dishwasher from KitchenAid has a number of features; however, one of its most remarkable features is the ProWash Bar, which delivers additional spray for more efficient cleaning. There is also the Hi Temp Scrub, which takes care of increasing the water temperature during specific cycles, so that tough stains are removed easily.
  • For left over food, there is no need for pre-rinsing before placing the dishes inside the dishwasher, as the Hard Food disposer reduces left over food into smaller particles so that washing them away is easier.
  • Some dishwashers can be noisy; however, this dishwasher maintains a quiet operation every time, with its Whisper Quiet Sound Insulation System. The 4 Hour Delay Option allows you to run the dishwasher at a later time, whenever most convenient for you. It has also earned a STAR-K KOSHER CERTIFICATION, which makes the dishwasher ideal for storage during the holidays and the Sabbath.

    Exterior Features

  • This dishwasher is available in two exterior styles, Black and Stainless Steel. Featuring the Architect Series II styling, the controls are simple to use, the surfaces are easy to clean, and the handles are designed for easy grips.

    Dimension Specifications

    Depth: 24 inches
    Height: 33 3/4 inches
    Width: 23 3/8 inches


    Stop worrying about left over food when running your dishwasher, as the Hard Food Disposer grinds food into smaller particles, so that they are easily washed away during each cycle. Experience a top-quality yet easy to use dishwasher that has smart controls as well as surfaces that are easy to clean. Find it difficult to remove hard stains after baking or roasting? The Hi Temp Scrub Option increases water temperature so that tough stains are removed much easily. Run the dishwasher at a later time or whenever it is most convenient for you as the 4 Hour Delay Option allows you this flexbility whenever you need it. Choose the exterior styling that suits your kitchen best, from Black to Stainless Steel. Choose from 5 different cycles and 3 different options depending on your dishwashing and cleaning needs. Give your delicate china and crystal the right level of gentle washing through the Light/China cycle.


    Compared to most built-in dishwashers with tall tub design, double drawer dishwashers often have smaller loading capacities. Unlike other KitchenAid dishwashers, which have NSF certifications, this dishwasher is not NSF-certified. Other dishwasher models by KitchenAid have stainless steel interiors; however, this model does not come with a stainless steel interior.


  • easy to use controls
  • great styling
  • quality construction
  • useful features
  • delay start option
  • multiple cycles and options
  • elegant design


  • minimal loading capacity
  • not NSF-certified
  • no stainless steel interior

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    Feb 29, 2012
    Hard to like
    by: Lulu

    I have owned this dishwasher for 3 years now. At first, I loved the idea of smaller wash loads. Now, I just want clean dishes. I am currently looking for a new dishwasher.

    I have had the units cleaned and nothing has malfunctioned during my ownership, however, the unit just won't get the dishes clean. It leaves little specks on all the dishes and a residue that can only be cleaned with vinigar. Everything must be rinsed clean before running AND you cannot overload the dishwasher.

    Lastly, there is no indicator as to whether the dishes are clean/dirty or that the unit has been run. Unlikely problem, but since you have to rinse everything clean before loading, you often cannot determine whether the dishes were washed. This leads to more unnecessary loads!

    Feb 21, 2012
    Lock feature tricky
    by: Pjokly

    Some people have the locked light flashing and think their unit is malfunctioning. Simply hold the Pro-Dry button down for 4 seconds and the lock feature will release. Really quiet, excellent machine-we have a great room design and can talk or watch TV with the unit running and hardly hear it!

    Jan 04, 2012
    by: Tony

    We recently remodeled our kitchen and liked the idea of being able to have the choice of doing smaller loads the majority of the time or doing larger ones when entertaining. It has failed to work properly from the moment we purchased it. The top drawer illuminates that it is locked at all times and will not cycle on or off and we are unable to scroll through any of the wash functions. By far the most unreliable appliance I have ever purchased.

    Dec 09, 2011
    Expensive albatross
    by: Anonymous

    We recently purchased a 2-year old home with one of these units. Within 3 months of moving in, we had the repair man out 4 different times. They told us this is the most finicky model/style of dishwasher, and that they had stopped selling them because their customers had so many problems.

    After $450 in repair bills, we then had both (BOTH!) drawers drainage pumps fail in the same day.

    Looking at another $500 in parts in labor, we punted and purchased a new Bosch.

    THese look great, and it's really nice to have two smaller drawer units. But the reliability is simply not there.

    Go search online for other reviews, and you'll find many people who shared our experience.

    Be armed with info before you decide to purchase this.

    Feb 04, 2011
    Great Machine
    by: Anonymous

    This is a great machine and I would recommend it of just about any one based on its versatility. We are a family of 5 and no longer have dishes laying in the sink waiting for someone to unload the full dishwasher. We also do not have a cavern of a dishwasher full of dirty dishes waiting to be filled before we run it.
    We can easily fill and wash dishes as we go and always have plenty of glasses and flatware ready to go.
    The dishes and glasses dry very clean and spotless.
    Make sure to have the machine professionally installed and adjusted, if you do not install it correctly, the drawers will not function properly.

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