Kitchenaid KUDI01FLSS Dishwasher

by lisa

It will be six years this December 2009, that we installed this dishwasher. We paid $749.00 for it before tax. The same month we installed it the door started to drop quickly. We were afraid it would drop on one of our very small children. The hinges were replaced under warranty with no problem except for the inconvenience of making the appointment, etc. Two months later the dishwasher filled with water and started to leak all over the floor. Again a repairman came out and this time the pump and motor had to be replaced, all under warranty. My husband and I look back now and wonder why we didn't demand a new dishwasher.

The only thing I can think of was that I had just had my third baby so we were a little busy. Two years later, the door hinges had to be replaced again. This time we had to pay $175.00! Two years after that, the dishwasher was just not cleaning very well and crud was collecting along the gaskets. The smell inside the dishwasher was horrible.

Again, a repairman came out but couldn't find anything besides telling us to switch to a powder dish detergent and to use a dishwasher cleaner once a month. That cost us $132.00. We tried the dishwasher cleaner but the wax ring would sometimes not melt, so the cleaner never made it into the dishwasher. Fast forward to November 2009, and once again, the dishwasher is filling up with water and sitting in the bottom. Repairman came out for another appliance ( we are having some luck) and we asked him to check our dishwasher which at this point, we wanted to take a sledgehammer to. He said we need a new pump and motor at a cost of $225.00!

We have spent many hours on the phone with various people at Kitchen aid, asking to speak to one supervisor after another. On the positive side, they do call you back. However, their intial offer was to give us 25% off of a new dishwasher. We will NEVER buy a Kitchenaid appliance again. They don't make them the way they used to. In fact they told us that it is the customer's responsibility to pay all repairs after one year. You shouldn't need to make any repairs after one year, let alone in the first year!

They also told us that dishwashers only last nine years. So, we are still in negotiations with Kitchenaid. Their best offer to date is to come and take our dishwasher and to bring us a check for $270.00. Supposedly, this is prorated based upon how much we paid for it and how long we have had it. We are still not happy, but we think this may be their best offer.

Meanwhile, we have been without a dishwasher for three weeks. When we remodeled our kitchen we purchased all Kitchen aid appliances because we thought Kitchen aid stood behind their products. We were wrong.

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Nov 09, 2011
Stupid Gov,saves water ?Heat?
by: Bob FL

Stainless Kitchenaid Almost two years old .Stupid.Must heat 40 gallons of water to 120 and it uses one gallon .Big heater you see is to dry only or melt your plastic.There is a small hidden water heater so the water never gets hot enough to activate the soap. Ajustable shelf, 2 positions. One seal tab for other position must of broke off right away so there never really was any water going to the top and any pressure to the bottom. I did not realize that the seal was missing until the 3rd repair visit.The seal is made the same as the top of ketchup flap only weaker,move the tray and you push it open,but on the ketchup you shut it.Now it washes with whole new shitty water supply, less than one gallon.I put some soap in a cup and heat it in the micro and throw it in.
and throw it in.

Dec 11, 2010
No more kichenaid dishwasher
by: Anonymous

I also bought this model in 2006 with a kitchenaid refriegerator. Refrigerator always has worked well but not the dishwasher. In our previous house we bought a top of the line kitchenaid and it worked for 15 years. Not this one. This one never really cleaned the dishes and after reading reviews I found out it was probably the pump all along and low water amounts it used. The pump is now not working. I have gone out to look at new dishwasher, I am getting the Kenmore 1397 with lot of arms to clean the dishes regardless of how waterwise the appliance is rated. I did, just to satisfy my curiosity, open a kitchenaid dishwasher similar to my broken one. It looked identical. Anyone buying any kitchenaid dishwasher should stop right now because you will be sorry if you buy it. AFter researching every brand it appears that low water consumption by the appliance is the most probable cause of the failure to clean. Most manufactures are using old technology and yet because of the energy rating have deceased the amount of water the appliance uses. Manufactures have not added extra spray arms to compensate for the lost water pressure. Add to that a bad pump in the kitchenaid which was probably not working right for several year and no cleaning was taking place. And yes I used good detergent electrisol with jetdry rinse with an added water softener. This kept the appliance spotless but still it would not clean the dishes. After adding the water softener to the dishwasher in the last year the dishes did not come out as dirty looking, (white stuff on the dishes) however I prewashed everything and they really looked clean before the dishwasher was even turned on. This is a very bad product and if Kitcheaid monitors this site they should take my advice and redesign their spray arms.

Dec 01, 2010
despise all Kitchenaid appliances
by: Debbie in Rhode Island

We, as so many others here, bought the entire stainless set of major appliances. So far, the dishwasher ropes in the door have broken twice (just last night was the second time), the oven stopped working so that had to be fixed AND now the icemaker in the fridge stopped working. So far, knock on wood, the only thing that hasn't given us a problem is the microwave. What a waste of over $5,000 ! We will NEVER buy Kitchenaid again. It's frustrating when a brand has had a good rep for decades then gets old to another manufacturer and the quality goes down so dramatically.

Nov 02, 2010
I do not trust the Kitchen Aid name any longer
by: Most Disappointed one

I bought a complete matching stainless steel Kitchen Aid ensemble consisting of stove, refrigerator, microwave and dishwasher for my brand new house. I was so pleased with the quality of my $350.00 purchase of my countertop Kitchen Aid mixer and instantly went with the idea of purchasing a matching kitchen ensemble of Kitchen Aid appliances. I must say, it was one of the most disappointing days of my life, that I now REGRET!! All within 1-4 years and after spending approximately $4,500.00 I had to pay for a repair person to come out every year for four years because things started to break. Where do I start????? First, after ONE WEEK of having all the appliances installed I had to call Kitchen Aid and have someone out to look at the oven door. Within the first year,I had to have a repairman come back out 3 more times because the touch control panel on the stove top would shut your oven off while baking/cooking something, then it would not let you turn it back on. The next year the ice maker on the refrigerator stopped making ice. I had to purchase a new ice maker and pay for a repairman to install it. Third year, the dishwasher door all of a sudden went crashing down making a horrible noise. Fourth year, the door to the dishwasher broke totally backwards. I don't have anything to say except that from the experiences I have had BEWARE!! of Kitchen Aid. I thought I was making such a wise choice when selecting my appliances. Kitchen Aid does not live up to their name any longer. I have since read several hundreds and thousands of others with the very same issues. DO NOT BUY KITCHEN AID AND TELL ALL YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS!! I haven't had any problems,AS OF YET,with the microwave but there is always tomorrow:( I am half expecting it. What else can I expect?

Nov 02, 2010
same problems...
by: Anonymous

In 5 years->
Motor ceazed.
Control panel switches stopped working.
Door hinges broke (actually door ropes) causing door to slam open and bend.
Silverware basket disintegrating.

I called Kitchenaid and told them that I was dissatisfied with the failure history over 5 years. Nothing they could do sorry.
I also told them that this was my 3rd Kitchenaid (3 houses) and the first two were great. This will be my last Kitchenaid product.

Jul 20, 2010
looking for better one than this
by: Rhonda Nelson

I bought two identical Kitchenaid dishwashers for the new home we built. We've been using them since 2004. We use one dishwasher almost every night and the other about 4 nights a week.

They have both been lemons and we will never buy another Kitchenaid dishwasher. The first one was repaired six times in the first year and a half. The second one was repaired four times during that period.

The door springs have broken many times. They're not made of sturdy material. Over the years, we have replaced the pump, the drain hose, a motor and fuse in the door. the control panel on the door, the silverware basket and I can't remember what all else. These dishwashers haven't "lasted" nine years. They have barely made it to five years. It's been a terrible incovenience to keep these machines serviced and working, not to mention the sheer agravation. I am shopping for new dishwashers right now and wonder why I didn't demand my money back the first year. Just didn't know that we would never get finished repairing them.

Jun 09, 2010
Piece of #$@#
by: Anonymous

I can't believe evryone has had similar problems! I have had this model now for 6 years. The electronics have gone out three times after the labor warranty expired. The yahoo's they sent to repair it just replaced parts until it worked. One time it only worked once, then I had to take more time off of work to be there. The last time I just bought the parts and repaired it myself.The door spring gave out, and just last week broke all together. Now the motor failed. I talked at length with Whirlpool customer service and the offered 15% off of a new one. Why would I buy another? At the same time I bought the DW I also bought a microwave and range to match, they are all junk too. So now I'm replacing it with a Bosch. DO NOT BUY ANY KITCHENAID PRODUCT!!!

Dec 15, 2009
update on negotiations with Kitchen aid
by: lisa from PA

Just wanted to post an update on our recent negotiations with Kitchen Aid. They have agreed to pay us $420.00. We have already received the first check for $150, that is half of the amount of money we had to spend on repairs. We are still waiting for the call from them to come out and take our lemon at which point they will hand deliver our check for $270. We simply wanted what was fair. We wanted reimbursement for all of our repairs, but thought that that might be pushing it. So, we accepted the $420. Now we will go and purchase a basic, inexpensive dishwasher since it probably won't last more than nine years!

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