Kitchenaid KUDM01TJBS0

by Kathy

When I purchased my house 5 years ago, it came with the Kitchenaid KUDM01TJBS0 dishwasher. The dishwasher has a stainless steel exterior panel with black controls. The dishwasher offers a variety of cycles and options.

The wash cycles are: Heavy, Normal, Light, and Rinse Only. With those cycles, you can choose Hi-Temp Scrub (Heavy and Normal cycles only), Energy Save Dry, and/or set a delay of 2, 4, or 8 hours. The delay is convenient if you want the dishwasher to run after you've gone to bed.

To start the dishwasher, you need to choose your cycle and options and then press the Start button. If you don't hit Start, the dishwasher won't work. Pressing Start without choosing a cycle or options will automatically choose the last cycle.

There is also a Cancel/Drain button you can use if you need to stop the dishwasher.

Inside the dishwasher, there is a standard top and bottom rack. The bottom rack allows some of the tines to fold down if you have a large pot to wash. The utensil basket is the entire depth of the dishwasher and can be removed.

The noise of the dishwasher is standard -- you know when it is running. I usually run it after I've gone to bed so it doesn't bother me that much.

The dishwasher has done pretty well over the past 5 years. Occasionally I'll get some glasses that don't get all the way clean, but I've switched detergents and don't have that problem anymore.

The utensil basket has lost several of the grids on the bottom, leaving a hole that utensils can fall through. This makes it hard to open the dishwasher as the utensil is hanging down lower than the door. I've never had this happen on a dishwasher before, so it's disappointing.

My biggest peeve on this dishwasher is the rubber gasket going around the edges. This is just pressed into the metal frame, so it can get loose. I ran into this shortly after moving in. When the rubber gets loose, water can leak out the bottom of the dishwasher.

I had the local appliance store come to repair it and they showed me the problem and how to press the gasket back in.

Now I just have to check it each time to make sure the gasket is in before I run it. It's really a pain and makes me think the dishwasher isn't made very well.

If I were buying a new dishwasher, I would have to check the Kitchenaid ones carefully to make sure they don't still use this design.

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Feb 09, 2012
by: bham

I have had my dishwasher since 2000. I had a tech out in about the 1st month. Problem with the detergent dispenser. No more calls since (this is 2012) The handle on the dishwasher broke. Its loose inside the door but if you are careful you can still operate the dishwasher by lifting up on the right side of the handle. It will open and fully close using this method.

Yesterday my dishwasher laid down. I tried all the tricks I knew. I reset it by cutting off the circuit breaker for about a minute to reset it. I was really hoping this would work - no it did not. I found an article that said you could toggle between scrub and energy safe dry (mashing one button and then the other) until the entire panel of leds lights and that meant that the appliance had reset. Tried that - no joy.

Looking for a dishwasher unless someone comes up with sonething. I am now trying to wait 30 minutes with the circuit off. Doesn't make sense to me but the article said it was an alternate reset. We will see.

Aug 06, 2011
by: Lisbeth Nuñez


I have this model, where do u can recomend me buy the frontal panel to replace it?

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