Kitchenaid KUDP01ILBT

by Kelly
(Fremont, CA USA)

Purchased in 2005. Being replaced in 2012. Should have been replaced years ago. This dishwasher was either a lemon or the model was so poorly designed that it should be off the market. Of course it is an older model now, but it has always been crap.

1) Very noisy
2) Left glasses dirty
3) left grit on glasses and some dishes
4) got very smelly within weeks of being cleaned (yeah, had to clean it regularly)
5) the silverware rack became brittle on the bottom from the heating element and pieces of it broke off and got jammed in the bottom area. As a result, it ran even more noisy and silverware fell through the holes!!

Replaced it (finally!!) with a Bosch. The Bosch has a slightly smaller top rack, but it is so well designed that I can actually fit more dishes in this dishwasher than the bigger Kitchenaid. Plus it cleans EVERY single dish, glass, piece of silverware so perfectly, that I'm kicking myself for not getting it sooner. Will NEVER buy a Kitchenaid appliance ever again.

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