KitchenAid KUDPO1ILBS3 Dish Washer

Hi, I’ve owned my dishwasher five plus years and so far so good. I own the KitchenAid Dishwasher Model: KUDPO1ILBS3. It is great because it is Energy Star, which means it uses less water and electricity than other dishwashers of the same capabilities, which really saves us with so many dishes being used. Our dishwasher used to have quite a few problems, including water overflowing out of the sides and not drying completely. Every time we would take out dishes we would have to re-dry the cups and bowls and water would sit on the top of the bottom of the glasses. This lasted quite a while until we called for help.

However, one visit from a maintenance man and the past three years have been practically problem free. Also, the inside is very spacious enough for about four days of dishes for a family of five and stainless steel always looks great even after grimy kid fingers all over it. I also enjoy the various settings available including one for fragile dishes like wine glasses. I do wish that the top section would be a little more spacious (height wise) to have room for water bottles and such and that the front half of the bottom section had more space between dividers for larger bowls. Overall I would give my dishwasher a score of 3 only because of its history and the fact that I would like one a little larger to accommodate my large family, and over eating boys.

Rating 3 out of 5

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