KitchenAid KUDS30IV In Counter Unit

by John D.
(Somerville, NJ USA)

This is a great dishwasher. Bought it summer of Aug-2009. Very quiet and cleans well as long as you use the right control settings. I almost always run it with the ProScrub button pushed. When other people living here don't do it that way - sometimes the glasses come out spotty. The stainless steel tank is very nice -- still looks brand new clean.

Does a good job on pots with stuck on food as long as you put them in the rear facing backwards. That's how the jets hit them with hot water spray.

Only complaint - took out the knife/fork/spoon basket and instead use 2 smaller ones from our old Maytag. Gives more flexibility on the lower tray. The KitchenAid basket is pretty long and takes up a lot of space even if only half filled...

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