kitchenaid kuds35fxbl

by karen
(hartford, ct, usa)

Better than expected! The first wash didn't really clean any better than the one I replaced. Then I read the instructions. Its best if the washer starts with hot water at the ready, so run your faucet a little to ensure the hot water is immediately available.

My hot water tank is in the basement on the other side of the house so it takes a couple of minutes. I also used the Jet Dry rinse agent, which is a big assist during the drying phase. After these two changes, every wash has been impressive! The glassware clean is flawless and the dishware/flatware are equally impressive. Big Plus is the noise level. I don't hear the machine at all.

Installer did a great job, replacing the 'construction issue' washer. Installed Dec 2010. Easy to use and the stainless steel interior is pretty cool.

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