KitchenAid KUDS35FXWH

by Lauri S
(Ankeny, Iowa, USA)

We've had the KUDS35FXWH for about 2 years and run it nearly every night. We purchased it from American TV & Appliance to replace our Maytag which finally gave out after 20 years. The display model at American was too high for us to actually see inside the dishwasher, which was annoying.

The dishwasher includes the following cycles: Heavy Duty, Normal Wash, Light/China, 1-Hour Wash, Rinse Only. The following options are also available: ProScrub, Hi-Temp Scrub, Sani Rinse, Heat Dry, 4-hr Delay.

This is extremely quiet compared to our old dishwasher. It takes longer to run the full cycle. The cycles can run up to 3 hours. There is a "fast" 1-hour wash, but using the heat dry option adds 35 minutes to the 1-hr cycle. We have used various detergents including powerball (recommended by installer), liquid, and gel packs. They all work about the same. I recommend using a rinse aid. The indicator lights are a nice feature, which is one reason we got this model, but in the long run is not worth extra expense. There is a Pro-Scrub option which we have used with good results.

The biggest disappointment is that the racks are flimsy and don't hold many dishes. The bottom rack holds many plates, but it doesn't hold bowls and glasses efficiently, so we use the top rack for those. Casserole dishes fit in the bottom rack, but there is not a good way to keep them vertical, so they take up a lot of space. It is difficult to put glasses in the bottom rack without having them move around. The flimsy top rack has so many angles and the glasses don't always stay put, despite the adjustable rack and tines. It is designed for cereal bowls to be placed in the center of the upper rack and glasses toward the left and right sides.

We have Corelle bowls which won’t come clean unless we leave an empty spot between bowls, so it only holds half as many bowls as would be expected. If bowls are in the center, then only one row of glasses will fit on either side without touching the bowls. I've never been able to load as many glasses and bowls in this unit as I did in our previous dishwasher because of the poor design of the top rack. The silverware basket is huge and has slotted covers to keep silverware from falling through and from touching, however, the removable plastic covers are flimsy, frequently fall in, and fail to hold the silverware in place.

It is very easy to bump the selection buttons when opening and closing the dishwasher. To avoid this, there is a control lock provided to avoid unintended use between cycles. Still not a very efficient way to deal with that problem.

We are very disappointed with the dishwasher and would not recommend it unless a person doesn’t have many dishes to wash at one time. I believe this would be a good dishwasher if the racks were designed better, but I am ready to replace it already because of the racks. Wish I could put my old Maytag racks in this dishwasher.

Extremely quiet, five cycles plus several additional options, cleans well if not full, cycle indicator lights.

Racks are flimsy, doesn't hold many glasses and bowls, long-running cycles, and doesn’t clean well if the dishwasher is full.

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