kitchenAid KUDSQ2FRSS1

It is now 5 years old and from day 1 it has been nothing but junk.

1. the control panel has been replaced in year 1, under warranty no problem.

2. the major problem is it doesn't clean. Year 1, the small mesh garberator clogs and causes washer to lose pressure. Monthly I had to remove the bottom inside sprayer and trays to clean this area out. After the 3rd time I sharpened the round blades on this garberator and it went 3 months then the same problem reoccured. Now it just won't wash any thing clean. You physically have to wash the dishes before you can dishwash them. What a waste of time and energy.

I called H/O twice and no recourse on this.
Looking at replacing this with a cheap one that actually works.

E DeVuono
North Bay,ON

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