Kitchenaid Model # KUDLO2IRBS1

Growing up we have an old dishwasher which my mother used to "sterilize" the dishes. We grew up hand washing and scrubbing everything. My father had been a biologist, so we used scientific laboratory beaker brushes.

When I married, I stopped using dishwashers altogether. With a water bill, what was the point? We recently moved and our new house has a dishwasher. It is a fairly new Kitchenaid model, #KUDLO2IRBS1. It is Stainless, and was part of an appliance package offered by Lowes.

My husband had great expectations. His mother had never used her dishwasher either, so he believed dishwashers actually fulfill their purpose. He loaded it up with pots and pans which had been stored for a while, and so had a thin film of dust and were slightly sticky from having been stored in an active kitchen. He happily selected "Heavy Duty Cycle" with "HI-Temp Scrub". I would not let him use the "Heat Dry" option, as if the dishwasher did not work, the dirt would be baked on.

The result: no dust on the dishes. Okay, I thought we had a decent dishwasher; one that actually worked. We loaded it again with rinsed off plates and utensils. Again, I would not use the heated drying option.

The result: The copper was completely removed from the measuring spoon, which is now very shiny aluminum. All of the dishes were dirty. Some of the utensils were clean, some were not- it depended on what we had used them for. It is a very good thing we did not use the heat dry option, or they would have been terrible to clean.

The dishwasher makes a great drying rack if you leave the door cracked, but other than light dusting before company comes, it is not of very much use to us. We heard from an appliance salesman that modern dishwashers tend to either clean well, or dry well. My sister has a dishwasher which cleans beautifully, but the dishes are dripping wet afterward, even with the heat dry option on. If you can manage to get one like that, crack the door and let evaporation work its magic!

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