by Louis
(Amherst, NY)

I purchased this dishwasher at the end of December, 2010 and was immediately dissappointed in it's ability to clean. I would even add water to the unit and that would help some.

Then, a few days ago I read about problems with the fill valve and out of desperation I followed the manufacturer's instructions for putting two cups of vinegar inside the machine and running it with out dishes. I put the vinegar inside a Pyrex measuring cup and put the cup inside the dishwasher wrong side up and ran the Heavy Duty Cycle.

Well, lo and behold the dishwasher started filling with more water. Each cycle fills the unit to just slightly below the heated dry element. This was definitely more water than I had experienced before.

Well, needless to say, this unit now cleans like a car wash!

The dishes come out clean and sanitized, there is no more white residue on the inside of the tub and the dishes are clean.

So, the only thing that I can think of is that this unit was a floor model. Either it had a sticking fill valve or it had been in someone's home and they didn't like the way it cleaned!

In any case, it cleans beautifully now. I use Cascade Rinse aid, though you could also use Jet Dry, but that little vinegar rinse has made all the difference in the world.

I did remove the third level culinary tray, and I don't really miss it. But, the unit now cleans as advertised.

So, if your unit gives you problems, try the vinegar rinse. It is still doesn't fill well, then replace the fill valve.

But, the unit, as I said before, now cleans like a car wash which is why I bought a KitchenAid to begin with!

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Feb 02, 2015
I have owned this unit for four years.
by: Anonymous

I have owned this unit for four years and suprisingly it now cleans better than when I first bought it.

I changed the supply valve to the unit to a ball type valve and made the hot water hotter and now it cleans very well.

In fact, it now cleans better than when I first bought it.

Mar 31, 2012
I have owned this dishwasher now for two years
by: Anonymous

The key to how well a modern dishwasher cleans is softness or hardness of the water. If you live in an area with soft water, your Kitchen Aid is going to clean extremely well. If you live in an area with hard water, such as I do, be prepared to use the vineger rinse once in awhile as well as the dishwasher cleaner made by Finish.

The real problem today in hard water areas is the lack of phosphates in the dishwasher detergents.

It is absolutely essential that in the hard water areas that you use the rinse agent as instructed by the manufacturer. Or, you might even chose to install a water softener.

The Kitchen Aid tall tub dishwashers clean very well. But, if you live in an area of hard water, you can expect some problems, such as the white residue, and other difficulties.

My best advice? Consult your local water authority and find out about the hardness of the water in your area. Then, follow the Kitchen Aid handbook.

The real problem is the lack of phosphates in the detergent in the hard water areas. The modern dishwashing detergents leave a lot to be desired, especially since all the phosphates have been removed from them.

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