by TarzanGirl
(Tarzana, CA )

Frustrated and angry with wasting $1000.00, plus delivery with a machine that won't go through a cycle without the door popping open. This began within the first month of purchase.

Still under warranty, a service company in KitchenAids "network" came out. New parts were ordered, which is odd, since the machine was so new, and hardly used yet. I noticed while examining the floor model at Lowes, the latch mechanism was so cheap, thin, bendable and flimsy, seemingly not locking secure enough in the door part for such an expensive machine, but I thought the KitcheAid brand was reliable and didn't go with my gut doubts that this door would hold shut with enough pressure.

Even with these simple parts were installed, and so much time to do so, the problem resurfaced soon again. They did not come back out, and back on the phone with KitchenAid. The warranty expired, and problem worsened. I had another service call, very expensive, only 30 day warranty, he ordered the same new parts, nothing was changed on this faulty defective mickey mouse design. Popping door again, and again.

If I were home, I'd lean hard against the door hoping it would stay shut, apply firm pressure with both palms at the top corners. Today it was so bad, popping every few seconds it's impossible to use this machine, KitchenAid customer service basically told me, there's no remedy and to buy a new machine, since there is no warranty. The only option is to hire a handyman, and create a make shift latch by drilling in both sides of wood cabninet frame, using some hardware that can somehow apply firm pressure to hold the door shut at the top.

This would look unsightly, but I can't afford another machine, I just finshed pay this over years, since it works but only when door is applied with direct firm pressure. I am so angry at KitchenAid I can spit!!! Their attitude is shameful and detached. This is a universal product design defect, they won't admit any responsibility or recall, or even offer a soltuion but to buy a new machine. I bought a product that does not perform as it was sold and advertised.

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