by Ken

Completely Disgusted

I have had my dishwasher for 4 years, we purchased it along with a complete reno and spent $10,000 on appliances from a local dealer. This is when the trouble started.

#1- the heating element went within the first month, called the dealer and replaced without hesitation.
#2- This dishwasher then would not dry the dishes after a cycle, after voicing my concern the dealer replaced the unit but without going through harsh words, not good. I understand some water will stand in bowl bottoms etc etc, but I mean not drying plates etc etc.
#3- 4 years later, never being happy with the unit, but putting up with it as enough was enough, My wife discover that our underside of our counter top ( also 4 years old, as part of our kitchen reno ) had expanded due to the extreme heat and moisture released from a top vent in the unit's door.

I will explain, Kitchen Aid had this bright idea to vent out the top of the door which was directly under the counter top, little did we know until this happened that the vent was to close at time of drying and release the heat back into the unit to help dry. Also there was to be a tinfoil deflection tape to be install at time of install,( by our dealer)

To continue, yes it gets better, When we call on this issue, the dealer does nothing as they do not have service tech and warranty is up, of course, and we are on our own. We call Kitchen Aid directly who then sets us up a local dealer call and have them come to the home to inspect the unit , this is when we discover the vent issues.

But prior to their arrival the control panel in the door goes on the fritz, ( we are back to washing dishes by hand) we then call the service dealer on this issue, guess what, the control panel is covered by warrenty, who knew , and a new control panel is ordered, but the vent is not part of the control panel and not covered, yet the vent is too run with the cycle, " I am confused now".
So, we have the control panel install for $120 as a service call, but to replace the vent issue it would cost another $ 250. to $300. Shall I swear now. We are at the point of taping the vent over to save our counter top in order to use our $1000. kitchen Aid dishwasher and back in shopping mode to purchase a new dishwasher.

#4- Yes one more comment, we did contact Kitchen Aid and their response was to send us a claim letter , you needed to be a lawyer to even attempt to file a claim and as Kitchen Aid expects we as a consumer give up and move on . I have too admit I am tired of dealing with it and off to check out Bocsh dishwashers

When do the manufactures and dealers start to stand behind their products? and in writing this I hope other people read this and research the product and read many reviews.

Thanks For Your Time
Completely Disgusted

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