by Christine
(Geelong Victoria)

We purchased this LG in Jan 2011, replacing an ASEA of 20years. We did little research, just took the opportunity to purchase an LG when onsale & with extended warranty (5years) thrown in.

We have been very pleased with our purchase. It is proving to be very quiet to operate. We have tried 3 different cycles, but prefer the "quick wash". We do however, find it is best to sit the door slightly ajar, (a thick tee towel will do) when cycle is complete & this enables all moisture to evaporate.

One feature that sold us and we have found to be excellent is the versatility of the baskets, both on upper & lower shelves.

For us the only downside is the space for our dinner plates. They do not fit in many spaces well. Also our small bowls are an unusual shape & they do not stack well, but they didn't in our old dishwasher either. Saying that, all are coming out sparkling clean, no matter where we put them. Unlike some, we do rinse before putting in dishwasher and do not put in excessively greasy pots.

A rinse cycle would be a feature we would have liked also, and we don't think it has this, or we just haven't figured it out yet.

All in all we are impressed & very happy!

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