LG D1454BF

(Warrington cheshire)

I bought my dishwasher from currys for my new home, it arrived at my new address on the 22nd december 2013. I hav only used it a handful of times and it completely stopped working, i rang LG who said they would ring me to let me know what day they could send an engineer out.

They didnt ring me, just turned up unannounced, had a look at my dishwasher, told me they would have to send off for a new part. Then i heard nothing for nearly a fortnight until i had to ring them myself. When i dud ring them, i was put through to an overflow line and was told they would ring me back, but didnt, so the next day i rang them again and was again put through to the overflow line again. Told the same thing, they would ring me back but didnt, they eventually rang me back the next day to tell me a letter had been posted to me to tell me i have to take the letter to currys so i can get another dishwasher!!!

Unbelievable!!! I will NEVA buy another LG product again!!! I hav a broken down dishwasher stuck in my kitchen and NO letter!!! Its shockin to think thas how they treat there customers, i paid for a product that i thought was a good make, but obviously not if i could only get 2 and a half months out of it!!!!!

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