LG Dishwasher ( 24" Built-In feature)

by N R James

I am a working professional in a Multi National Company. I use to get very little time for household work due to heavy work load in my office. I have to work overtime in office to keep my work up to date. Although I cook myself but cleaning the utensils with greasy and other oil stains is a tedious job and also very time consuming.

Recently, I came across this Dishwasher in my friend's house and after getting proper advice from my friend about this model, I decided to buy this product. So, I bought it last month. It turned out to be a great boon to my household work and daily life as well. Now, I have plenty of time to finish my office work and I need not spare my time in tedious job of washing stain prone utensils.

It has double loading capacity than its previous model and also many new features are added to this model. You can program it to wash utensils depending on the dirty condition of the utensils. I use it two to three times a day.

It has added advantage that it saves water and electricity bill as well. It just require one bucket of water and a small amount of soap powder to wash utensils. It saves lot of time in which you can do your work. One more advantage of this model is that it produces very low noise.

You can adjust the top loading rack as per your necessity. I have not faced any problem with my dishwasher yet and I highly recommend this model for all.

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Dec 30, 2008
It would be very helpful to provide model #
by: Anonymous

LG makes a few different models at various costs... my experience with LG has been from pretty good to big mistake. Can you be specific with your comments regarding model type?

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