LG dishwasher Model: LDF6920BB

(Burlington Vt)

I purchased the Dishwasher from a appliance center directly, as I couldn’t find what I wanted in the other stores, I’ve heard good things about LG, and yet it was affordable so that factored into going with an LG dishwasher.

I’ve now had it for about a year, and its as good as the first day I bought it
The black stainless steel was perfect, then getting into what it could do sealed the deal even more for me.

It was very quiet, not that loud humming noise Id heard from my other dishwashers. It was water and energy efficient, yet at the same time, It made sure the dishes were spotless.

The machine could hold a lot more then my older dishwasher. I could fit about 16-20 plates into it and came with three trays for glasses, spoons, forks. Etc and the rows could be adjusted so I could slide the bigger plates in on the top row. Which always comes into handy.

The black stainless steel was perfect to fit into my kitchen, and the buttons on the dishwasher are behind a panel so my little nieces and nephews couldn’t push and press them which is always helpful This dishwasher is very reliable, I have not had any problems with it yet. I would recommend it to anyone, who wants top of the line, but has a budget to work with. It will get the job done in quality time, and you wouldn’t even hear a sound.

Having a big family, and a lot to clean this has made a big difference. It has helped a lot and its fast and efficient with clean up, more so then my older dishwasher.

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