LG Inverter Direct Drive Studio Series

DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY!! Do not purchase an LG dishwasher. We bought ours through our contractor (who was remodeling our kitchen). We had a Maytag that did an excellent job of cleaning and was way less than half the price of the LG.

The LG has not cleaned the dishes well from day 1. We called the company to see about a "repair" and they did everything they could to say we needed correct whatever it was we were doing wrong. If they came out, it would MOST LIKELY end up at our expense even though it was supposed to be under warranty.

They told us to clean the arms daily, take it apart and clean inside the spray units, run on a heavier cycle, run it with only vinegar in it. I have never had to daily clean the spray arms of any dishwasher.

We have to rewash the majority of our dishes every time we open the dishwasher to unload it. I BEG YOU.....do not buy LG dishwashers.

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