LG LD-2152WH Dishwasher

A mechanical device for cleaning dishes and utensils used for eating is called as dishwasher. It can be used in homes and restaurants Manual dishwashing causes more problems to us, we have to scrub more to remove the stains. In this mechanical device the hot water is sprayed on the dishes.

For cleaning dishes, the mixture of water and detergent is used. Plates, Utensils and Dishes of irregular size will not fit the dishwasher compartment. As per instructions given in the manual, only regular size of dishes can be washed.

Stainless steel material, non stick and plastic material utensils can be washed in this dishwasher. Some models have only the rinsing facility. Some dishwasher can be used both for washing, rinsing & drying. Detergents used in this are very strong since it is used in the boiling water.

The dishwasher will rinse and dry the utensil in the machine itself. Some china products likes plastic and non –stick will not get dried. Cost of the machine will be high but the water and the time can be saved by using this machine. The way and the working will give us clean and germ free washed utensils.

The dishwasher is a good machine which will allow us to wash and dry the vessels within a short span of time. For the women’s who are always working it will help them to reduce their time of work and gives the clean and healthy life. The modern inventions give the dishwasher with the advance technology like the machine works without any sound. It indicates the error messages when any problem comes.

- Same size of vessels can be washed easily.
- Time and water is saved

- Irregular shape of dish cannot be washed
- It is very costlier

3 out of 5

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Mar 05, 2011

It would be very helpful to have the number of WATTS/hour that the motor and the system uses. This can be easily entered for Energy Saving information purposes.

Jan 20, 2011
Wong Muk Fu
by: Anonymous

Wow, love those native English speakers! Thanks for explaining what a dishwasher does... I had no idea!

Dec 14, 2009
The dishwasher is very handy to use, and has an excellent wash quality
by: Anonymous

- Extra hot option up to 70 degree C which sterilizes and kills all bacteria
- Triple filter facility which capture maximum food particles and ensures that clean water is circulated during the wash cycle.

- Is expensive
- Replacing the parts,if needed are expensive

Before purchasing the dishwasher we went on a market survey to see what models are available and what is the difference between each one. After reviewing the models available in, IFB, LG, KENSTAR, SIEMENS we could finally decide to purchase LG model no: LD 2152 WH.

The first thing I noticed was the user-friendly panel with display. It has few extra specifications, which are very good to be in a dishwasher. It has an extra hot facility where the maximum temperature can go up to 70 degree C; Triple filter which removes all the food particles and allows flow of clean water during the wash cycle; Aqua stop facility which detects if there is leakage in the water pipe or water inlet and stops automatically and the drain pump starts if required.

The tray baskets have an adjustable feature that suits to Indian style of utensils. The intensity of the spray is so good and perfect that not a tinge of oil or anything is left behind and the utensils come out sparklingly clean. It has a child lock along with a time delay facility.

If the machine is not shut or detergent or washer is not given there is an error display on the LED panel suggesting that something is wrong. The dishwasher is very handy to use, and has an excellent wash quality. The noise level is very low and you would never know if it is working without looking at the display panel. This model has a decibel up to 47 db.

The wash program has an intensive wash which suit to Indian style of cooking &frying. This model is a bit expensive but my suggestion would be spending a good amount of money is okay if the dishwasher turns out to be perfectly fine, which in my case is. So I would recommend this model as it has given me an outstanding performance.

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