LG LDF6920ST Dishwasher with Fully Integrated Controls (Stainless Steel)

The LG LDF6920ST is a 24" tall tub dishwasher in stainless steel finish, with a sleek control panel that makes it easy to operate and highly convenient. With up 16-place setting capacity, it can accommodate more dishes at once and has racks that can hold differently sized items. It produces minimal noise despite the large capacity and tough cleaning performance, thanks to the Slim Direct Motor that ensures quiet operation. Sleek in design and with numerous options for the convenience of modern households, the LG LDF6920ST is one dishwasher that's worth looking into.

Key features

- The LoDecibel Quiet Operation ensures minimal vibrations and sound, making this dishwasher model virtually quiet wherever you place it.
- The large capacity of up to 16-place setting enables you to wash more dishes at once. In the end, you get to save more energy and time.
- The beauty of this dishwasher also comes from its intuitive control panel that's fully integrated into the dishwasher design, adding to its sleek exterior. The LED lights alert users of the real status of the wash cycle.
- Its Energy Star certification means that you can save more energy and water when using this dishwasher.
- Switch to the half wash mode to clean small loads, and save more time and energy simply using either the top or bottom rack.
- Say good bye to scrubbing with the built-in food disposer, which handles hard-to-remove food residue on plates and other dishes.
- The stainless steel tub is always the better choice to its plastic counterparts. Aside from being durable, it also resists stains and odors effectively.
- Enjoy faster drying times with the Hybrid Condensing Drying System, so you can pack away the clean dishes right after the wash.
- It comes with up to 5 wash cycles for different types of load.


The LG LDF6920ST has numerous wash cycles, so whether you're cleaning pots and pans or want to give your stemware a rinse, you can always customize the wash according to your dishwashing needs. Though it has a large capacity, you have an option for the half wash so you can save more energy and time when only dealing with small loads. Consumers also love the adjustable racks, which make loading easier for differently sized stemware and dishes.

The stainless steel tub also makes the dishwasher durable and quite easy to maintain without the stains. You also don't have to rinse or scrub the dishes prior to loading them in the dishwasher, thanks to the built-in food disposer. This dishwasher can easily be programmed by the user and works quietly in the background.


Despite the stylish design, some say that this dishwasher doesn't work as well as other models from the same brand. Not all dishes come out totally clean and dry as promised. For this reason, some consumers find it a bit expensive, when there are others that offer almost the same features at less cost.

Consumer likes and dislikes


- silent operation
- sleek exterior
- durable stainless steel tub
- adjustable racks
- numerous wash cycles
- easy to use control panel
- large capacity
- has built-in food disposer


- doesn't clean as well as advertised
- some dishes don't come out fully dry
- some find it a bit expensive for its performance

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Aug 29, 2015
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by: Anonymous

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Aug 04, 2015
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Nov 16, 2011
don't waste your hard-earned $ on this one!!
by: Rose

I cannot say enough bad things about this useless piece of machinery. The noises coming out of this beast are not of this world. Yet I would put up with the groans if the dishes at least came out clean. The thing has become a parking place for dirty dishes while they wait to be cleaned when company leaves. That's the best I can say about it! Stay clear and don't waste your money because LG will NOT stand behind this piece of c..p!

Apr 26, 2011
Horrible Dishwasher
by: Anonymous

I have had this dishwasher for 2 years and have had the repairman here 4 times! Makes crazy noises and have had the motor replaced twice - the repairman just left and said I need ANOTHER motor! I called LG and they basically said it wasn't under warranty anymore! You'd think they would have replaced the entire machine after the second motor was put in! Would never recommend an LG dishwasher to anyone. 100% dissatisfied.

Apr 01, 2011
by: harry

This dishwasher was installed on 2-2-2011 and ran great about 4 times then it started making a growling noise that even LG Customer Service said "it's not supposed to be doing that". After 3 trips from the repairman that LG suggested the noise is still there.
The first repairman replaced a pump and the second repairman found a loose screw in the bottom of the machine that the first repairman left out. The noise is still there. I contacted LG Customer Service again and asked them to replace the machine but was told to sit back and let the repairmen try to figure it out. I am not the only person having the same problem with this dishwasher. Many others have experienced the same growling noise.

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