LG LDF6920WW Dishwasher with Fully Integrated Controls

The LDF6920WW is a 24" dishwasher with a sleek control panel. In white color, this dishwasher model makes a stylish addition to any modern kitchen. The sleek exterior matches the sophisticated features that ensure tough cleaning power inside the dishwasher. It is highly rated for its sound insulation, which means that there won't be any clinking sound or vibration to bother you when working around the kitchen. It has 5 wash cycles that let you customize every wash according to your needs.

Key features

- Thanks to the LoDecibel Quiet Operation, the LG LDF6920WW is one quiet option when looking for a dishwasher that won't bother you with unnecessary vibrations and noise.
- The 16-place setting capacity allows you to load more at one time, so you can save more time and energy.
- Energy Star-rated, you are bound to get more savings from your utility bills when using this dishwasher. Aside from cutting back on energy consumption, you can also save on water usage.
- The fully integrated controls, complete with LED lights, making this kitchen appliance attractive and efficient to use.
- If you're down to a few dishes, turn to the half wash mode so you can clean the small loads in less time and with less energy used.
- The built-in food disposer takes trouble away from scrubbing and pre-rinsing the dishes to remove stuck food residue.
- The stainless steel tub speaks of high quality, ease of maintenance, and durability.
- The Hybrid Condensing Drying System allows for faster drying times. Right after the wash, you can place the dishes back to its storage bin or cabinet.
- The SenseClean Wash System ensures efficiency in cleaning performance.


The LG LDF6920WW has a neat design in white color, which can easily blend well with other kitchen appliances. The stylish design makes a good match to its poweful performance as well. It has adjustable racks and has a specially designed stemware holder. Up to 12-inch dishes can be placed inside the upper rack, while the lower rack can hold dishes as well as pots and pans in 14-inch sizes. It also has cutlery baskets with covers. With this, the dishwasher is designed to accommodate more dishes at once, while safely holding different types of kitchenware.

Foul odor also doesn't get stuck in the dishwasher, while the stainless steel tub makes sure that there won't be much trouble with stains. What consumers like about this dishwasher model is that it is energy-efficient, has good options for the type of wash you need, and it operates quietly.


Some consumers prefer the other color options than white since it makes stains and grime visible. Also, some are not convinced with the cleaning power of this dishwasher. Some say that the built-in food disposer doesn't always work well since there are some spots left on dishes. Others have also complained that some dishes don't come out totally dry.

Consumer likes and dislikes


- large loading capacity
- adjustable racks
- has baskets with covers
- Energy Star-rated
- stylish
- quiet
- efficient


- doesn't dry well
- built-in food disposer doesn't always remove all the residue
- white color makes stains and grime visible

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