LG #LDF7811

by Prentice Smith
(Stanwood WA)

This unit replaced a Bosh that died within 5 years. This unit is about 4.5 years old and was purchased from Best Buy. So far the dishwasher has needed a new door seal, a new pump seal, a new wiring harness and a new main circuit board. The impeller blade needed to be replaced as well and so did the wash arms, because the plastic became brittle and was falling apart. Ditto for the silverware basket.

5 service calls in less than 5 years and the machine is currently broken and does not work. I have not been given a firm date when it will or if it can be repaired since they cannot seem to get the right part in the last two and a half weeks.

Right now I am waiting for Best Buy to return my call regarding a replacement part that they tried to install last week, but had the wrong board. The service tech, said that I still may need a main motor and the unit would have to be removed to replace that.

So, they reordered the part and had me scheduled for service today, but again the wrong part arrived and my service call was cancelled. But no one called to tell me this (I had to call them to find out where they were) and yet I am sitting at home with other, better things to do. GRRRRR!

In three days, the dishwasher will have been broken for 3 weeks. In reading my service agreement, Best Buy does not have any time limit to complete the repairs. I could be without a machine for two or three months!

I pointed this out to the Service Manager and she said that she would have a management team member call me within 4 hours. I asked why I would need to sit here for another 4 hours and wait for a call and she said that the management team would have to review my case, then they could address my issues.

Ha. Sure.

My recommendation; Short LG stock. Do not deal with Best Buy on anything. Do not buy any LG product.

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