LG LDF7932BB Fully Integrated SteamDishwasher

Steam washing is a new trend in dishwashers. Companies in the home appliance business are constantly coming up with new and more innovative ways to better clean your dishes. LG's dishwasher line, which includes the LDF7932BB, fronts this new breed of dishwashers that provide energy savings and more efficient operation.

Key features

- This model has a built-in food disposer that will help you save time. There's no need to scrape the food out of your dishes before placing them inside the dishwasher.
- This dishwasher has LED indicator lights for your convenience and has all the required controls integrated into the unit.
- LG included its LoDecibel Quiet Operation technology in this product, providing a peaceful environment even during its operational cycle.
- The unit has a Dual Intensity Mode where you can adjust the intensity of its cleaning cycle to safely but still effectively clean the items you have inside.
- The dishwasher is highly efficient and is Energy Star rated.


It is actually quite practical to invest in a dishwasher like the LG LDF7932BB. It is simply a dishwasher made better. Its stainless steel tub construction and its sleek black finish makes it more than just an appliance by matching the style and the presentation of your home décor. The fact that it's also a steam dishwasher means it's more flexible and can handle all of your dishwashing requirements. Even if you have some exotic items in your dining collection, like fine china or specialty glass and crystal, the LDF7932BB will clean it with ease, and without damaging your precious collection.

This model offers discreet design and quiet operation: two benefits only appreciated once you start using the unit and you realize how unobtrusive it is to your daily home routines. And finally, the LDF7932BB is spacious and can take in an assortment of dining wares per operational cycle. This means “doing the dishes” will stop being a concern when planning for a party or special family event.


One serious concern for the owner of a complex dishwasher like the LG LDF7932BB is the possibility of a serious breakdown and the associated repair costs involved with it. The likelihood of this happening is magnified in units such as this one because of the electronic parts and controls built into the appliance. As always, operating conditions inside your home will determine the longevity of home appliances, but it is safe to say that all things considered, a complicated item like this dishwasher might be less reliable compared to a traditional manual or “non-electronic” one. It's also important to know that even with the self-cleaning mechanisms included in this product, and with the promise of less maintenance, it's still very likely that you will have to manually clean the interior of the dishwasher regularly.

Lastly, despite the flexibility of appliances like this, there will still be some household items, namely knives and some utensils, that should not be cleaned inside a dishwasher, no matter how advanced or capable their manufacturers advertise them to be.

Consumer likes and dislikes


- Washes better than a traditional dishwasher
- Elegant and matches your living space
- Fully automated


- Will be more expensive to service
- Might be too complicated for its own good

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Sep 10, 2011
Poor Life
by: Judy

I bought my LG from HD about 1.5 years ago. While I was relatively happy with the performance - quiet and mostly cleaned stuff (not always), it pretty much died on me at 1.5 years. The electronic board went out. Luckily, there was a recall and they replaced it for free. At the same time, they replaced the sump pump because it was under a recall. The dishwasher has not worked right since. It will not drain - leaves a full pan of water after it runs and it is not getting the dishes clean. The repair guy came back twice and couldn't figure it out. I paid $1000 for a high-quality LG and have to replace it after 1.5 years. As a side note, my side-by-side LG fridge has had to have the compressor replaced twice since I bought it 4 years ago - once under warranty at my cost the next time. Plus, LG does not stock parts locally, so it takes at least a week to get the parts in before stuff gets fixed. NO MORE LG's!

Nov 08, 2010
Dishwasher sucks
by: Gary

Unit brand new out of box has had nothing but problems since day 1. Unit smells like oil and or wires burning when running. Dishes never clean fully and utensils dirty all the time. Noisy for a quiet dishwasher, best of all, we can expect it to produce a 3 foot wide water flood on our kitchen floor almost every other time we use it. Was told it's due to cold water, but the users manuel says the water temp. must be 120 degrees to work. I have measured 123.6 degrees, above their recommended set temperature. Plain and simple, just junk. Calling the AG's office for a full refund. Should be listed with garbage disposals because it should be disposed of in the garbage.Purchased from home depot, what junk.

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