LG LDF7932WW Fully Integrated SteamDishwasher

It is quite amazing what you can do with dishwashers nowadays. Before the invention of high tech dishwashers, you had to “prepare” your dishes before you place them into the washer. Now, with washers such as LG's LDF7932WW, you can simply let the dishwasher do all the work for you. It is completely automated and very convenient to use.

Key features

- This dishwasher has fully integrated controls: you simply have to set it to your preference, based on what kind of dishes and eating utensils you use. You can then just leave it to do its work.
- It has a generous 16 place-setting capacity to accommodate your big parties and special events at home.
- With LG's LoDecibel technology, the machine operates with remarkably low noise levels, keeping your home and your family undisturbed.
- The LDF7932WW has different wash settings to accommodate different dining wares and different materials (glass, crystal, etc.).
- Since this is a steam washer, it cleans more effectively and thoroughly than a traditional water-based dishwasher. It should also be more hygienic because steam is hot enough to destroy almost all microbes on your dishes and utensils.


The LG LDF7932W dishwasher cleans your dining collection better because steam, by its very nature, can cut through grime and food residue on your plates better than water jets in traditional dishwashers.

The inherent cleaning ability of steam and the built-in food disposer in this appliance means you don't have to pre-rinse or scrape your plates before washing them. Let the dishwasher remove the grime, clean out all the residue and dry the plates for you. It also has the added advantage of complete built-in controls and various wash intensities so that you can have the appliance adjust to your habits and the types of materials you have in your dining collection, be it glass, crystal, plastic or expensive China.


It is a well-known fact that in the area of home appliances, added complexity usually means a greater possibility of unexpected failure or breakage down the road. While a traditional water spray-based dishwasher can reliably be expected to last many years with minimal maintenance, newer, steam-based washers are still an untested breed. Even with self-cleaning functions and the claim of longer service life, you still need to do your research and make sure that the appliance you're purchasing has the reputation for reliability. After all, there have been boatloads of complaints regarding the newer generation of dishwashers. Most of them are related to the sensitivity of these products to the type of detergent consumers use, down to whether or not people pre-rinse their plates before placing them inside the dishwasher for cleaning. LG's LDF7932WW dishwasher is, of course, not immune to issues affecting other models or brands.

Consumer likes and dislikes


- Automated and easy to use
- Cleans better than a traditional dishwasher
- Can handle a party's worth of dishes and utensils
- Quiet
- Energy Star rated


- More expensive than a traditional dishwasher
- Untested technology
- Requires exclusive service by the dealer or manufacturer
- Requires the right type of detergent to work properly

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